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Reach for the Stars With These Zodiac Books for Babies

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Kelly Jensen


Kelly is a former librarian and a long-time blogger at STACKED. She's the editor/author of (DON'T) CALL ME CRAZY: 33 VOICES START THE CONVERSATION ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH and the editor/author of HERE WE ARE: FEMINISM FOR THE REAL WORLD. Her next book, BODY TALK, will publish in Fall 2020. Follow her on Instagram @heykellyjensen.

When I worked in libraries, one of the things I learned quickly is that there are three types of board books: those for the babies and toddlers, those for the parents, and those which can be enjoyable for both the child and adult. The bulk fall into the first category, though over the last few years, there’s certainly been an uptick in board books for the adults (they’re often gift books, so angled with parental humor or nerdery). The last category is one I am especially fond of now as a parent myself and think strikes a great balance between “love reading this to a child” and “love reading this myself” without being tired of rereading it 18 kajillion times. After snapping up a baby astrology book earlier this year because why not, it made me realize this weirdly sizable — and new — category of baby books does a good job of balancing “for baby” with “for parent.”

At least, that’s what I’m telling myself as I hold a flailing, hard-headed, stubborn little Aries in my arms as I read to her. She loves being read to, but is also eager for the next adventure as soon as I’ve closed the final page.

Baby astrology books have had tremendous growth in the last couple of years. The bulk of these series have published post-2019, with more on the horizon. Astrology has been especially trendy in this same time frame, so it’s not surprising that the interest in all things star signs has trickled down to baby books. These books take a wide range of tones, both serious and light hearted, and frankly, I find the whole concept to be both as well.

And okay, I guess it’s time to admit that these zodiac books for babies aren’t that “nice balance.” They’re for the parents who are itching to better understand their wiggly ones before those same wiggly ones are big enough to really express who they are fully. They’re also for parents who want to feel better about their jobs as parents and seek an explanation from the stars.

They’re also for parents just looking to get a little laugh on those Really Challenging Days.

I grew up loving astrology, so I’ve been also loving this emergence of a genre, even if reading multiple versions of a sign results in pretty much the same takeaways. But the beauty of board books is in their illustration and clever language play, so each brings its own magic to the table.

Find below an array of zodiac books for babies to enjoy on your own or with your little ones. Note that as is the case with board books, authorship isn’t always clear, meaning that ensuring a diverse authorship is also not always possible. There is a range of authors and perspectives represented, but it’s likely not as inclusive as it could be. Likewise, the focus in these books is on western astrology.

The good news is that the art is pretty inclusive, something that I value deeply as I read to my child.

Zodiac Books for Babies

Astro Baby Book Cover

Astro Baby by Michelle Tea and Mike Perry

This is the first book in the “Astro Pals” series written by Michelle Tea — yes, that one — and illustrated by Mike Perry, who did illustrations for Broad City. You could toss this one under “definitely for the adults,” but the neon, kaleidoscopic illustrations will keep young readers enthralled. Astro Babies is an all-encompassing zodiac book for babies, and the series itself includes an individual entry for each sign.

dear little taurus book cover

Baby Astrology by Roxy Marj

Each of the signs is represented in this whimsically illustrated series by Marj. I picked up the Aries entry for my child and it’s clever enough. Written as a letter to the reader, you’ll be introduced to the best qualities each sign has, followed by what it is a person who is that sign needs to work on in a gentle, playful tone.

Clever Astrology: Gemini book cover

Clever Zodiac Signs by Alyona Achilova

This zodiac series takes on the signs with a clever twist: each book features a spin-the-wheel interactive element, so young readers can engage with the page. Each sign is represented and explores their characteristics, favorite types of hobbies, and what their personality traits will help them excel at as they grow up.

cover for little astrology catrinas

Little Astrology Catrinas by Mariana Galvez

Teach your littlest reader multiple topics at once with this bilingual zodiac book that represents each of the signs with Day of the Dead Icons. At the center of the book is Catrina, the iconic Day of the Dead symbol that remembers people for who they were during the celebration.

I love the idea of marrying Latin American tradition with the zodiac. This is a stand alone book, perfect for all of the little signs.

baby scorpio book cover

A Little Zodiac Book by Daria Harper and Anna Hurley

Making use of rhyming text and bold illustration, young readers get to know what makes each of their star signs so special. The books focus on the positives of each sign and what it is that makes them unique.

cover for mind body baby: astrology

Mind Body Baby: Astrology

Each sign is included in this single volume, highlighting the broad concept of astrology, as well as the personality traits, symbols, and colors associated with each. This book is one of four in the “Mind Body Baby” series, which includes a book on crystals, chakras, and meditation (the first two might be going a little too far into “for parents” territory).

book cover for my first horoscope

My First Horoscope by Rachel McAlister

The description for this standalone book about the signs claims it was the first one, but it’s not. I will give it this, though: perhaps it has the best description. “This is sure to speak to parents who want to make sure their kids don’t enter Kindergarten without a well-rounded understanding of all things celestial and mystical.” I legitimately laughed out loud.

cover for my stars: pisces

My Stars: Pisces by Sterling Press and Lizzy Doyle

Lizzy Doyle illustrated one of my favorite board books — Eight Little Planets — and Doyle’s style works for both me and my child. It’s bright and fun. The “My Stars” series features a book for each of the signs of the zodiac and looks at not just the qualities of each, but also the constellations themselves. This series has a bit of an interactive element as well.

cover for libra baby book

The Zodiac Baby Series by Jen Neary and Kellie Lehman 

Still being published as of writing, this series is being marketed to parents, rather than babies, but the illustrations of baby animals will speak to young eyes. It’s lighthearted and rhymes, and this series includes blank spaces throughout for personalization.

I’m a big fan of the marketing for this one noting the cover is gorgeous for display or “shelf styling.”

Once you’ve exhausted the zodiac books for babies and need more board book ideas that maybe reach your younger reader more than yourself (no judgment in any case here, folks), why not dig into the best children’s books by age, must-read board books for babies, or interactive board books.