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Zack Snyder is Adapting THE FOUNTAINHEAD and We Probably Can’t Stop Him

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We here at the Riot saw the news that Zack Snyder—director of such instant classics as “Batman V. Superman” and “The One Where There’s Something Wrong With Henry Cavill’s Face“—is planning on adapting Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead. Our consensus:


I mean, this is an important book to understand. And maybe a film adaptation will be a quicker way to grasp it than slogging through the text. But sitting through a Zack Snyder version might actually feel longer than reading it.

Here’s what I’d sooner have: a movie about a Justice League community theater version of The Fountainhead but it’s really just “Noises Off” with superheroes.


Somebody do that movie. Unlike this Zack Snyder project, at least one person is actually requesting it.

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