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Your Reading Type According to Brooklyn Nine-Nine Characters

Dana Rosette Pangan

Staff Writer

Dana Rosette Pangan is a supervisor by day and a fangirl all the time. She holds a degree in Laboratory Technology but finds that she has more chemistry with language and writing. When she's not making embarrassingly lame puns, she can be found avoiding social situations and searching for something that can hold her attention for more than 30 minutes. She is from the Philippines and is probably doing something weird right now.

If you haven’t heard of Brooklyn Nine-Nine yet, you are seriously missing out. B99 is a sitcom on Fox—which makes me nervous, by the way, as they are notorious for cancelling perfectly good shows (RIP, Almost Human)—that centers on the lives of the detectives of NYPD’s 99th precinct. The show is smart and funny without relying on annoying laugh tracks, the characters are diverse and well rounded, and every episode is 20-something minutes of serious fun. I cannot recommend it enough.

As I have said, the characters are diverse, not just in race but also in personalities, so whatever kind of personality you have, you can probably find someone in B99 whom you can relate to. And if you’re a reader, which I assume you are (I mean, you’re reading a Book Riot article, after all), it’s possible that your B99 character of choice reflects the type of reader that you are.

jake-peraltaJake Peralta – Fantasy, spy thrillers, and other genre fiction are your life. You grew up reading about James Bond, Jason Bourne, and other JBs I probably know nothing about (Justin Bieber?). You stay away from “serious” literature and prefer fantasy and action not because you’re not a “deep person” but because you want to escape from the real world and live another life just for a moment or so.


BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: Stephanie Beatriz as Detective Rosa Diaz. BROOKLYN NINE-NINE premieres Tuesday, Sept. 17 (8:30-9:00 ET/PT) on FOX. ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Mary Ellen Matthews/FOX

Rosa Diaz – Horror and crime novels are your go-to reads. A book must terrify you, or at least have you on the edge of your seat; the more violent and bloody the book, the better. This makes you sound like a psychopath, but you actually have a soft spot. Though you claim to detest drama, you actually cried at the end of The Art of Racing in the Rain.


terry-509Terry Jeffords – You are a very empathetic person and, as a result, prefer character-driven novels over plot-driven ones. You grow attached to the characters and see their lives reflecting your own. You’re not afraid to be seen in public sobbing over a book, for despite your sensitivity, you can also kick ass.



melissa-509Amy Santiago – You read everything. Okay, maybe not everything, but you try. You read to gain knowledge, to understand people better, to experience things you never would have in real life. This makes it seem like you view reading as a chore, but you don’t; you actually enjoy learning. Hence, you tend to gravitate towards non-fiction and the classics, but it doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy genre fiction every now and then. You probably brag a little about your reading accomplishments, but that’s okay. You earned it.

joe-509Charles Boyle – Your taste in books is what some may call “refined.” You enjoy literary fiction, especially translated works. You try to absorb as much of other cultures as you possibly can, revelling in their beauty and diversity. People may think you’re a literary snob, but you are actually very accepting of other genres, even though you don’t enjoy them as much.


gina_linettiGina Linetti – You consume romance novels and self-help books with reckless abandon. You are an intelligent person, and you know that very well, so you don’t care what other people may think about your reading preferences. You read what you love, and you love what you read, so literary snobs can go screw themselves.



andre-509Ray Holt – You are a no-nonsense reader. Like the Amy reader, you read to expand your knowledge and stimulate your mind, and non-fiction books fill most of your bookshelves. Fiction may have a small place in your heart, but you pick up a novel only when you really, really feel like it.

Hitchcock and/or Scully – I don’t know, man. I don’t think you can even read.

So. Does the character most similar to you match your reading personality? If not, what type of reader are you?