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Your New Favorite Bookish Accessory: Book Darts

Calling all dog-earers, keepers of pristine hardcovers, book sleeve aficionados, annotators. Sticky tab users, highlighters, bookmark-users, and whatever-I-have-on-hand page markers. There’s a book accessory in town we can finally all agree on: the book dart.


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Behold the book dart, the paper-thin, metal page-saver that can serve any purpose you want. Meant to stay in books to mark favorite passages, they can accompany your personal notes or save your pages without leaving so much as a dot on the paper.

The book darts are also archival quality, which means they won’t yellow your paper over time, and if you slide them on carefully and *just so*, you’ll hardly even know they’re there. Just look at the beautiful pages with slivers of metal marking readers’ very favorite lines.


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For the past few years, I’ve kept a commonplace book to messily write quotes I stumble across that I love, but bullet journaling and hand-lettering stress me out, so this is my place for imperfect quotes. But it still wasn’t a perfect method for flagging quotes in books. I’ve been an underliner and annotator for a while now (please stay calm), but there was never a way to physically mark the pages. If I wanted to return to those passages, flipping through the pages slowly was the only option unless I wanted to leave sticky tabs on the pages. 

I discovered these handy book darts about a year ago, and I’ve been pushing them on my friends ever since. You can order them online, or, if you’re lucky, your local indie will carry a few tins!

I’ve switched to the book dart method once and for all, and I am in love with all my beautiful, shiny, marked-up books.

Is there a bookish accessory that has changed your reading life forever?