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YA Literary Events Across The USA For Your Bookish Road Tripping Needs

Kelly Jensen


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With a fresh new year comes a fresh new batch of awesome literary events throughout the USA. We’ve highlighted awesome annual literary events in each state before, but we’ve not yet focused entirely on young adult specific/heavy events. Let’s change that and talk all things YA literary events!

This list is far from comprehensive. There are events that are missing, particularly smaller events that happen at public libraries. Since not all conferences have announced dates, locations, or speakers yet for this year, some of the information you’ll find below is bare bones.

But the beauty of this is it’s a resource for you to keep returning to and planning around. Because even if you can’t actually attend one of these events, who doesn’t enjoy dreaming up a fantasy bookish trip?

I’ve stuck with specific to teen/YA lit events, except in cases which events were focused entirely on children’s literature more broadly and showed a wealth of YA events with it. If you know of other events fitting these parameters, drop a line. Know of great international YA lit–focused fests? Drop a line about those, too!

Get ready to get YA Lit across the USA.

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YA Literary Events Across The USA


The African American Children’s Book Fair: February 2, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Teen Book Fest By The Bay: February 16, Corpus Christie, Texas


National Latino Children’s Literature Conference: February 28–March 2, San Antonio, Texas


Southeastern Young Adult Book Festival: March 7–9, Murfreesboro, Tennessee


Ontario Teen Book Fest: March 9, Ontario, California


Children’s Literature Festival: March 17–19, Warrensburg, Missouri (at the University of Central Missouri)


North Texas Teen Book Festival: March 22–23, Irving, Texas


New York City Teen Author Festival: March TBA, New York City, New York


NoVA Teen Book Festival: March 30, Arlington, Virginia


Teen Book Con: March 30, League City, Texas


Chicago Young Adult Book Festival: April TBA, Chicago, Illinois


Colorado Teen Literature Conference: April TBA, Denver, Colorado


Southern Kentucky Book Fest: April 26–27, Bowling Green, Kentucky (They hold a teen and children’s day)


Twin Cities Teen Lit Con: April 27, Twin Cities area, Minnesota


Hudson Children’s Book Festival: May 4, Hudson, New York


Yall West: May 3–4, Santa Monica, California


Lit Up Teen Book Festival: May TBA, Kansas City, Missouri


Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival: May 18, Rochester, New York


YA Fest PA: Summer, Easton, Pennsylvania


Bookmarks Festival: September TBA, Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Brooklyn Book Festival: September TBA, Brooklyn, New York


Pasadena Loves YA: September TBA, Pasadena, California


Boston Teen Book Festival: September 22, TBA, Boston, Massachusetts



YA-hoo Fest: September TBA, Chattanooga, Tennessee


Texas Teen Book Festival: October TBA, Austin, Texas


Southern Festival of Books: October TBA, Nashville, Tennessee


Sheboygan Teen Book Festival: October TBA, Sheboygan, Wisconsin


YAS Book Con: October TBA, Bowling Green, Kentucky


Anderson’s Young Adult Literature Conference: October TBA, Naperville, Illinois


Books By The Banks: October TBA, Cincinnati, Ohio


Las Vegas Book Festival: October TBA, Las Vegas, Nevada


Read Up, Greenville: October TBA, Greenville, South Carolina


Pickerington Teen Book Festival: October TBA, Pickerington, Ohio


Colorado Teen Book Con: November TBA, Denver, Colorado


Epic Fest: November TBA, Charlotte, North Carolina


Yall Fest: November TBA, Charleston, South Carolina


Portland Book Festival: November TBA, Portland, Oregon