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How To Find Your [Fill In The Blank] YA Identity/Experience

Kelly Jensen


Kelly is a former librarian and a long-time blogger at STACKED. She's the editor/author of (DON'T) CALL ME CRAZY: 33 VOICES START THE CONVERSATION ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH and the editor/author of HERE WE ARE: FEMINISM FOR THE REAL WORLD. Her next book, BODY TALK, will publish in Fall 2020. Follow her on Instagram @heykellyjensen.

I love a clever tweet, and the one below was not only clever and amusing, but it really got me thinking about the ways we could translate some of the common YA experiences into our own stories.

Take a minute to figure out your YA fantasy series name above, and then, enjoy the opportunity to figure out some additional YA stories and experiences you’ll have below. Some of the ideas here are courtesy of the Book Riot Insiders, who suggested categories.

As always, these are created out of deep love and respect for YA books. They’re meant to be fun ways to look at tropes and common themes through YA.



Your YA Superhero Identity

What would your YA superhero name be? Add any conjunctions you deem necessary. Birth month and birth date digit correspond to words listed below the formula.


The [Birth Month] + [Last Digit of Birth Date] + [First Street You Lived On]


January: Great

February: Fabulous

March: Majestic

April: Astonishing

May: Magnificent

June: Incredible

July: Fierce

August: Awe-Inspiring

September: Spectacular

October: Splendid

November: Unforgettable

December: Dazzling


0: Wondrous

1: High-Flying

2: Gravity-Defying

3: Magnetic

4: Sparkling

5: Powerhouse

6: Ageless

7: All-Encompassing

8: Dauntless

9: Tender-Hearted



Your YA Crush’s First Name

Because it wouldn’t be a YA experience without some kind of crush. These six letters combine into a single first name of your crush.

[First three letters of your favorite vegetable]+ [Last three letters of your last name]



The YA Fantasy Kingdom You’ll Take Over

If you’re not fighting to save your future kingdom, then what are you fighting for anyway? Maybe you don’t know you’ll inherit the land, or maybe you do, but knowing what it’ll be called is important. Rainbow colors correspond to endings listed below, and these three pieces combine into a single word.


[First 3 letters of your last name] + [First three letters of the name of the biggest city you can think of] + [Favorite Color of the Rainbow]

Red: Landia

Orange: Stania

Yellow: Townia

Green: Worldia

Blue: Citia

Indigo: Villia

Violet: Communia



Your YA Deep Dark Secret

Would it be a YA character if there weren’t some kind of deep, dark secret lurking inside them? Eye color corresponds to a word below, and you may need to add conjunctions as fits. This will be at least three words long, maybe longer.


[Eye Color] + [Your least favorite subject in school]  + [The object closest to your right hand]

Green: Stealing

Blue: Hiding

Brown: Breaking

Hazel: Forgetting

Grey: Conspiring

Other: Gallivanting



The Title Of Your Contemporary YA Romance Novel

Maybe the name doesn’t match up with the YA crush name you found above, but we know many YA reads feature more than one love interest. This time, you’re going to discover the title of your contemporary YA romance book.


The/A [A math or science term] + of + [First name of your seventh grade crush] + and + [First name of your favorite female-identifying person from history]



The Way You’ll Break The Heart Of Your Reader and/or Love Interest

How will your readers come to have their hearts broken? How will your love interest come to have their heart broken? You choose the path you find more satisfying, since you’re the lead in this story. Hair color corresponds to a word below. Add conjunction words as you see fit.


[Your Hair Color] + [Optional Adjective] + [Two- or Three- Word Real YA Book Title Of Choice]

Black: Stomping

Red: Burning

Brown: Running

Blonde: Dying

Other: Believing



Your YA Mixtape Title

What’s a YA book without some kind of mixtape in it? Build the title of what your ultimate mix is below. Season corresponds to a word below.


[Season When You Were Born] + For/About/To + [Your Favorite Hobby]

Spring: Songs

Summer: Jams

Fall: Tunes

Winter: Music



Your YA After School Job

Not all YA characters are rich enough to be without an after school job, and sorry, but in this story, you have to have a job. Add any conjunctions you see necessary.


[Least Favorite Kitchen-Related Activity] + at/with/for + [The Last Physical Place You Spent Money]



Your YA Travel Adventure

And finally, what’s a YA book without some kind of travel adventure? You need a break from saving your future land, from the pressures of working a job you loathe, and from dealing with crushes left and right. Month of the year corresponds to a word below, as does the pet you own/wish you owned. If you own multiple pets, you’re welcome to combine them for an ultimate teen dream trip.


[Month of Birth] + by + [Color of Your Underwear] + [Pet you own or wish you’d own]

January: Paris

February: Mars

March: Disneyland

April: Antarctica

May: Tokyo

June: The Desert

July: North Dakota

August: The Sun

September: Tasmania

October: New York City

November: Moscow

December: The North Pole


Cat: Unicycle

Dog: Spaceship

Rabbit: Rollerblades

Fish: Cable car

Turtle: Parasail

Snake: Steamboat

Guinea Pig/Hamster: Motorcycle

Bird: Wings

Other: Helicopter