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YA Books for Every Introverted Myers-Briggs Type

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Laura Melgão

Staff Writer

Laura Melgão is a 27-year-old woman who still reads - and loves! - YA books. Feminist, sensible and an introvert by nature, she found an escape in books soon after she learned how to read. One of her recently found aims is to write to others about literature - simply what makes her world go round.

Have you ever wondered if there’s a book for your personality type? Analyzing all Introverted types from the Myers-Briggs method, here are eight book recommendations: 8 YA books for every Introverted Myers-Briggs Type.

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ISTJ (Introversion + Sensing + Thinking + Judging): The Logistician Personality

Every Falling Star by Sungju Lee and Susan Elizabeth McClelland

every falling star cover imageAs the practical logical person you are, non-fiction is in order. You like to analyze everything and you’re pragmatic and critical, so what about a book on a factual and current issue, but with a bit of a story into it? Every Falling Star is a memoir of a North Korean boy who survived and escaped the country at age 12.


ISFJ (Introversion + Sensing + Feeling + Judging): The Defender Personality

Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

turtles all the way down book cover

Defenders are altruistic and sensitive to others’ emotions. They’re the most loyal friends you can have, and you can always count on them to be supportive or protect you. So, they will love Aza, a girl who struggles with anxiety and OCD. The book really shows this unrelenting problem throughout the narrative, simply because that is the truth: who suffers from mental health problems doesn’t get fixed. We get first-hand access to her feelings and way of thinking and living, and we just can’t help but sympathize and want to give her a hug. Just like an ISTJ would.


INFJ (Introversion + Intuition + Feeling + Judging): The Advocate Personality

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

children of blood and bone

Zélie Adebola is a character with a cause. She goes on a journey to pursue magic after years and years of living oppressed by the elite kosidán, the non-magic nobles who took it away. That’s why this novel is perfect for INFJs, who tend to have a cause in their lives and fight tirelessly for an idea they believe in.


INTJ (Introversion + Intuition + Thinking + Judging): The Architect Personality

Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen M. McManus

Two Can Keep a Secret book cover

For an INTJ, a thriller is a book that will make them buzz. The plot must be complex, with a little bit of mystery that makes it almost puzzle-like. And there’s nothing better than a good intellectual challenge for the Architects. Two Can Keep a Secret is a book about a small town full of secrets, a murder, a threatening atmosphere. Can you unravel all secrets and discover the murderer?


ISTP (Introversion + Sensing + Thinking + Perceiving): The Virtuoso Personality

Doing It by Melvin Burgess

Doing It book cover

ISTPs are independent, hands-on, problem-solvers, and above all, realistic. Doing It is realistic fiction, as it tells the story of three teenage boys who can’t stop thinking or talking about sex. This book is a bit controversial, which makes it a good option for ISTPs, who are adventurous and tend to be a bit insensitive and prone to risky behavior. And if it is about sex…it certainly isn’t a boring theme.


ISFP (Introversion + Sensing + Feeling + Perceiving): The Adventurer Personality

Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia

ISFPs are charming, imaginative, passionate, and curious. They are natural artists, so Eliza and Her Monsters, about a creator of a popular webcomic and a book itself full of comic strips and images, is the right choice for them. Adventurers are also unpredictable, yet sensitive to others’ emotions, and Eliza is a shy, weird and friendless girl who likes her online life more than her real, offline life. Any introvert can relate to that, right? An amazing story with an artistic vein, capable of filling ISFPs’ hearts with true emotions, inspiration, and creativity.

INFP (Introversion + Intuition + Feeling + Perceiving): The Mediator Personality

Graceling by Kristin Cashore

graceling cover

INFPs are known for their attraction to fantasy, so Graceling has just the right setting. They have an inner passion and are truly idealistic, what makes them the perfect match to this heart-racing romance. Besides the love story, Graceling promises a memorable fantasy world with unforgettable characters.


INTP (Introversion + Intuition + Thinking + Perceiving): The Logician Personality

Girl in the Blue Coat by Monica Hesse

the girl in the blue coat book cover

INTPs live for their theories and unrelenting logic. They’re original, imaginative, and great abstract thinkers who thrive on knowledge. Girl in the Blue Coat is a beautiful story set in Second World War Amsterdam. It’s a historical novel, so it’s meticulously researched, providing facts on a reality that truly happened. It also has a bit of mystery and it’s intricately plotted, leaving space for INTPs’ minds to solve the puzzles they love.



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