Make this your book club’s next read! Make this your book club’s next read! Make this your book club’s next read!

20+ Etsy Shops with Gorgeous Wooden Bookmarks

My grandfather was a carpenter, and when I was a kid he often made little wooden toys for me. Likely influenced by this, to this day I love woodwork of any kind. From using wooden spoons to putting together IKEA furniture to even just looking at the framework of partly-constructed houses down the street, all of it is very exciting to me.

As a reader, a logical next step in my woodwork obsession is wooden bookmarks. What’s great about them, as with any wooden craft, is that no two pieces of wood will be completely identical. The wood grain and any other natural details make each piece unique, even if just slightly.

Here I’ve listed a number of Etsy shops that sell wonderful wooden bookmarks. Most of these shops specialize in various wooden crafts and items, so if you’re anything like me, you’ll love browsing the entire stores, not just the bookmarks. Happy shopping!

Wooden Bookmarks for Any Reader

Wooden bookmark with "I like big books and I cannot lie" quote

I love this “I like big books” piece by Lost Wood Turning Co., but they have a number of other designs as well, all with the same painted engraving style and ribbon accents.

Branch slice bookmark with dog silhouette cutout

The bookmarks from MARKOSTYLE are unique in that you get the entire slice from a small branch, bark and all. There are designs both with and without cutouts.

Wooden bookmark with heart cutout and "between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be" quote

Lemon Wood Market makes gorgeous laser cut pieces, often with nice little quotes like this one.

Comma-shaped wooden bookmark engraved with "Team Oxford Comma"

It’s like the folks at Blue Fox Engraving knew I wouldn’t be able to choose between their many designs, so they have this lovely bundle deal where you can get three!

Wooden bookmark with pi symbol cutout and engraved with pi decimal

Masterpiece Laser is a shop with a huge selection of handcrafted wooden items, and the unique bookmarks available reflect the quality and skill of an experienced craftsman.

Bamboo bookmark engraved with sleeping eyes and "fell asleep here"

The bookmarks at Little Birdy Finds are quite simple with lovely small detailing, like on this piece made from bamboo.

Wooden bookmark engraved with "I'll be gone butt a moment" and cat butt

D&M Handmades has a great rustic style to their items. And besides, who doesn’t love a good cat butt?

Wooden bookmark engraved with "curiosity voyage" Stranger Things quote, paddles, and stack of books

North to South Designs has a great selection of laser engraved bookmarks for fans of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and more!

Wooden bookmark with red rose, Elder Wand, and Deathly Hallows symbol print

The bookmarks at Papercuts and Pages are printed with gorgeous hand-drawn artwork.

Thin wooden bookmark made of bocote wood

Wisegear is a shop that specializes in exotic woods, so the bookmarks are kept extremely simple to highlight the material.

Wooden bookmark with cut out cat ears and engraved nose and whiskers

This great cat bookmark by Lumos Laser Design is just one of a number of lovely laser engraved pieces.

Personalized Wooden Bookmarks

These shops do personalization on their pieces, making for great gift options!

Wooden bookmark engraved with paw print and "you paw-sed here"

Many of the bookmarks from Ingrained Inc. feature some type of adorable animal. Most can also be personalized with a name on the back.

Wooden bookmark with colored fern engraving and border

Have you seen anything so gorgeous as this engraved bookmark from Mitercraft? This one specifically doesn’t have personalization available due to the intricacy, but many Mitercraft designs allow for up to two lines of text on the back.

Wooden bookmark with llama topper engraved with "no drama llama"

McHenry’s Place has a huge selection of bookmarks designed to peek out at you from the top of your book. Some designs allow for a name to be added to the front.

Wooden bookmark engraved with "A room without books is like a body without a soul" quote

All designs from The Craft Cabin & Laser Crafts can be personalized.

Wooden bookmark engraved with Tree of Gondor and "All that is gold" poem

Fine Pen Art has a lovely selection of beautifully engraved bookmarks, and many can be personalized.

Wooden bookmark with giraffe carved at top

2 Puggles Wood Wonders is a shop dedicated to wooden bookmarks. Not only is personalization available, but you also get to choose what type of wood you want your bookmark to be made with.

Four wooden bookmarks of different colors with traditional Chinese-style engravings

If you really want to splurge, the intricately detailed pieces from China-based WX Wooden Style Home are incredibly stunning.

Wooden bookmark with laser cut sea turtle and "Meagan's bookmark" engraved

C&C Laser Carpentry has a nice selection of personalized bookmarks (and keychains), like this great laser cut sea turtle.

Wooden bookmark with geometric engraving on top and bottom, name in middle

At Lightning Design, you can find not just customizable bookmarks, but also other book accessories, like book stands and bookends!

Extra Finds

If you’re still itching to browse more wooden bookmarks after going through all these shops, here are a few extra individual bookmarks I found!

Various wooden bookmarks with striped designs

These bookmarks are made from various wood scraps, making each piece completely unique.

Two wooden bookmarks with vertical stripe of darker wood in center

This vertical stripe design using two different types of wood is simple yet bold.

Bookmark engraved with tea pot, "drink tea read books be happy" quote, and stack of books

“Drink tea, read books, be happy”. Yes.

Wooden bookmark engraved with "sleep is good...books are better" quote and stack of books

Another very relatable sentiment.

Interested in other material-specific bookmarks? Here are some great posts for you to discover the greatness of leather bookmarks and metal bookmarks.

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