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Witchy Bookish Goods For Leaning Into Your Magic

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Some folks believe witch season is once a year, beginning around this time and, if generous, stretching to mid-November. But those of us who love all things witch — be it the history, the lore, or the magic/k — know witch season is all year long. Whether you practice witchcraft or simply love witch symbology, the good news is you can celebrate anytime with a whole host of fun witchy bookish goods.

Below is a range of witchy bookish goods, including bookmarks, shirts, totes, and more that feature bookish witches. There are also a number of great goods featuring witches and witchy lore from popular books from across time (it is hard for me to believe that Practical Magic is 26 years old, since I remember reading it not long after it came out).

Get your magic flowing with a flick of the broom stick and a stir of a bubbling caldron with these witchy bookish finds. After you exhaust your budget here, perhaps you can stretch a bit more and snap up some great tarot and oracle cards or make your way to the library for some queer witch books.

In Which Witchy Bookish Goods Spell Fun

Image of moon earrings with quilled book pages.

Start by donning a pair of moon earrings, featuring quilled book pages. You can choose among a number of books for the pages, including witchy titles (but really, the design is witch-tastic enough). $21

Enamel pin in the shape of a book reading "A witch bows to no man."

Whether it’s a spell book or not remains to be seen, but the message that a witch bows to no man is solid advice all around. $10

Image of bookshop witch print.

Pop this gorgeous bookshop witch print on your shelves and sigh wistfully. $15 and up, depending on size.

Image of the weird sisters candle.

Make your space smell like mystical mist, wild fields, and cauldron bubbles with this candle inspired by Shakespeare’s The Weird Sisters. $20+

Image of a black cat ex libris stamp.

Black cats are the classic witch’s familiar, so why not have your familiar keep track of all your precious books with this personalized “from the library of” stamp? $32+

Squad-style black t-shirt for Practical Magic characters

If Practical Magic is your #SquadGoals, then you’ll want this tee. $32+

Book Witch velvet cushion cover.

This luxe book witch cushion cover is made out of velvet. You’ll just need to supply your own pillow or cushion. $21

Shiny book coven sticker.

Okay, from here on out, they’re no longer book clubs. They’re book covens, and they come with this amazing sticker. $4

Wooden bookmarks featuring cats, cauldrons, pumpkins, and other witchy ephemera.

I am 100%, all-in for this wooden witchy bookmark. Choose from a number of perfect color options. $7

Grimoire-inspired journal.

It’d be pretty badass to use this grimoire-inspired journal to keep track of all your books, past, present, and future. $60 and probably worth every penny.

Witch poster with the phrase "That's what I do, I read books, I hex people, and I know things."

Same, though. $17 and up, depending on size of the poster.

Black witch enamel pin.

This witch pin inspired by the YA book Witches Steeped in Gold is absolutely stunning. $15

Image of book witch tote.

Consider yourself a book witch, rather than a book worm? Taut that with this book witch tote. $14

Cuff bracelet with text from Shakespeare's Macbeth.

I tried not to repeat books represented here, but this cuff inspired by the witches/Weird Sisters of Macbeth was too good to not include. $47

Pastel colored witch bookmark.

More of a fan of pastel witchery? This witch bookmark is calling your name. $3+

Pastel stack of witchy and magical reads sticker.

An array of pretty witchy reads stacked up keep this sticker perfect for any clear space needing a little magic. $5

Image of white sign with black text reading "all the great stories have witches in them."

And no sign could be more true: all the great stories DO have witches in them. $30