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15 Adorable Wind in the Willows Illustrations & Art Pieces

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Lots of us have spent enough time at home this year that we’re itching to switch things up and redecorate – and what better way is there to do that than to turn back to old childhood loves? It’s not surprising that there are some really lovely The Wind in the Willows illustrations out there. After all, this children’s classic is written beautifully and was probably read to many young artists at bedtime. Also, several artists have illustrated the various editions of this beloved book as it’s been rereleased. We’ve compiled a list of 15 artworks for you to decorate your homes with, or gift to someone you love.

This print of portraits of Toad, Rat, Mole and Beaver is stunning, and would be great to put in a frame and hang on the wall.

This is a beautifully cheerful piece, though I’m afraid it would probably have you cooking a lot more if you put it anywhere near your kitchen.

Confession time – I love the field mice. And I really love this sweet mounted print of them singing.

Here we have a beautifully detailed print of the field mice singing.

This set of six notecards shows the field mice singing. I love that this set also includes a quote from The Wind in the Willows.

Here we have a set of carved figurines – one each of Beaver, Toad, Rat, Mole and Otter – and a carved boat as well.

This is a vibrant print of Rat and Mole with a quote from The Wind in the Willows.

Here’s another print of Rat and Mole rowing down the river. I love the greens in this print.

This is a lovely poster that captures a few of the well-loved scenes in The Wind in the Willows. I think the title’s particularly apt.

Again, a set of six notecards, this time with the much-loved Rat and Mole in a boat scene on the front.

These pewter Rat, Toad, Mole, and Beaver thimbles are perfect for hand-sewing lovers. This set comes with Toad’s beloved car to keep the thimbles in.

This print is of the cozy painting ‘Water Sanctuary’, inspired by The Wind in the Willows.

Here’s a lovely print, titled ‘A New Home’, of Rat making himself comfortable in a hollowed out tree.

This is a set of four beautiful collectable bone china plates. The back of each plate includes a short extract from The Wind in the Willows that corresponds to the scene on the front.

This last print has been drawn from a really interesting point of view. It would be one of those perfect Wind in the Willows illustrations to frame and hang on the wall in your lounge.