Why You Should Become A Library Tourist: Critical Linking, June 10, 2018

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While plane-hopping around the globe on a mission to view libraries might strike you as excessively privileged (Kells acknowledges that it was very much a ‘first world’ library tour), the core idea can be adapted to wherever you are. Make a point of visiting the library in whatever new city you’re in, and get a feel for that library’s role in the city’s life.

There is a practical side to it, too. Libraries are free, quiet, relaxing, air-conditioned in summer and heated in winter. They offer a pleasant respite from the streets and sometimes a great view. Many North American libraries have good play centers for young children, when they need a break from touristing, and they’re full of locals who can dispense valuable recommendations.

Whenever I travel, I try to visit the library for these reasons


Need help deciding what to read next? These Instagram-led book clubs will pick the book for you, and offer opportunities to discuss it with fellow online bibliophiles. Some groups even have in-person meet-ups in cities across the country where you can share your thoughts or listen to the author speak live. If you’re a big reader, you may want to “join” a few of these clubs, whose June selections are a mix of recent releases and older bestsellers.

Are you part of an Instagram book club


Although I still love the physical act of reading, some books are best experienced in your ears so your eyes and mind can wander where the words take you. Here’s a guide to help you find some gems.

Any others you’d add to this list?


The Onion, but also, Reality. Happy Sunday