Quiz: Which American Girl Are You?

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Is it just me, or are American Girl dolls having a sudden resurgence in popularity? American Girl doll meme accounts are popping up all over Instagram. They’re influencing TikTok trends. And in 2021, American Girl brought back the six original dolls to celebrate their 35th anniversary.

That’s right. American Girl, as of 2022, is 36 years old. That means all of us old folks who grew up with American Girls are starting to get nostalgic about our favorite childhood characters. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve fallen for the American Girl nostalgia. Hard. When they released the 1980s Courtney doll in 2020, I had to have one, especially because you can get a little Molly doll and a Care Bears sleeping bag set as part of her accessories. They’re repackaging our childhood and selling it back to us, and I am here. For. It.

If you somehow missed out on American Girls when you were a kid, here’s the deal. American Girls are a line of 18-inch dolls released originally in 1986 by Pleasant Company. The original line of dolls were all 8- to 11-year-old girls from different eras in history. Of course, the girls had accompanying books that told their stories and their perspectives on the time in history in which they were growing up. All of the girls are notable for their independent spirit, their thoughtfulness, and their fun personalities, which made it easy for contemporary young readers to relate to them.

But even if you can relate in some way to all of the American Girls, there’s likely one that is more similar to you than the others. Not sure which American Girl character you’re most like? Thankfully, there’s a quiz for that! So take this quiz, and find out which American Girl you are.

Wondering what your results could have been? Here you go:

Kaya’aton’my — Kaya is from the Nimiipuu or Nez Perce tribe, living in America before European colonization. She is brave and outgoing, and she wants to be a leader.

Felicity Merriman — The ultimate Horse Girl, Felicity is from 1770s Williamsburg, Virginia at the onset of the American Revolution. She is spunky, brave, and free-spirited.​

Josefina Montoya — Josefina is a Mexican girl living in New Mexico in 1824. She’s described as caring, hopeful, and faithful.

Kirsten Larson — Kirsten is a Swedish immigrant who settles in the Minnesota Territory in 1854. She is brave and hardworking, but a little bit shy around new people.

Addy Walker — During the Civil War, Addy escapes with her mother from a plantation in North Carolina to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1864. Addy is incredibly brave, loving, and kind.​

Samantha Parkington — Orphaned at age five and raised by her wealthy grandmother, Samantha is an Edwardian-era girl who is described as imaginative and beguiling.

Kit Kittredge — Kit is a sporty girl growing up in the early-to-mid years of the Great Depression in Cincinnati, Ohio. She’s notable for her pride, her strength, and her independence.

Molly McIntire — Molly is a young girl growing up in World War II era Illinois. She is cheerful, fun, lively, and lovable.

Julie Albright — All of our favorite American Girls are probably feminists, but Julie is a feminist with a capital F. Julie is a fun-loving, happy, and spirited girl growing up in San Francisco in the 1970s.

Courtney Moore — Courtney is a girl growing up in California in the 1980s who loves hanging at the arcade and the mall. She dreams of one day creating her own video games. She’s intelligent and imaginative.

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