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When Reading Isn’t Enough: Book-Adjacent Hobbies!

Maegan Donovan

Staff Writer

Maegan Donovan is a Southern-born, New England transplant raising a daughter with her husband in the Midwest. After earning her M.A. in History from the University of Rhode Island, she moved to Boston, followed by Kansas, Delaware, California and Kansas again. When she's not chasing her toddler (which is nearly always), she's reading, mentally planning European vacations, trying to learn Latin or feeling guilty about neglecting her blog, Lovely Leanings. The only two things guaranteed to be in her purse are a book and a bottle of hot sauce.

I don’t know about you, but I often feel as though I don’t have enough time to really indulge in my book obsession. Sure, I make time to read whenever I can and I love to pour my heart out to anyone who will listen about the latest literary treasure that affected me. But when the book is over and I don’t feel satiated, I know it’s time to seek out other means to satisfy my proclivities. If you’re like me and looking for different avenues to fully immerse yourself into the world of literature, consider taking up a time-honored book hobby.

Start a collection
Books, bookmarks, Irish poetry, you name it. There is an entire market devoted to helping reading aficionados build a solid collection on the subjects of their choosing. Once you have narrowed down your focus to what truly interests you, the adventure of collecting the objets d’art may just give you an entirely new appreciation for the literary world.

Enter a reading challenge

If you’re looking to mix it up and diversify your book-related interests, tackling reading challenges, literary bucket lists, and the like afford you a fun and engaging opportunity to do so. You may discover that the thrill of stepping out of your reading comfort zone opens up a new world of literary adventure.

Join a reading club or literary group
There is nothing more disappointing than reading a great book and having no one to discuss it with. This is where becoming involved in a book club or reading group can pay off and afford you more thoughtful discourse, lively discussion and literary camaraderie. You can find a number of general or themed reading groups in your area or, better yet, start your own club and fashion it toward your curiosities!

Plan a literary tour

Following the footsteps of the literary greats across the U.S. and abroad is a thrilling and enlightening way to pay tribute to your favorite authors and poets. From London’s historic pubs and libraries to New Orleans’ hotels and famed literary salons, there is no shortage of venues showcasing the literary masters that have shaped the great books of our time.

Buy a quote journal to record your favorite passages
One of life’s little gifts is stumbling upon a moving line, poem or anecdote that causes you to pause and ponder. The downside of being a heavy reader is that it’s easy to forget these little pearls of wisdom along the way when you’re reading large volumes of works. Creating a quote anthology or recording a few points of clarity that stick with you over time is a clever way to track your reading, and surround yourself with personal inspiration when you need it.

Start a bookish social media account

Tumblr. Instagram Twitter. Goodreads. When it comes to indulging and sharing your book obsession with a community of like-minded people, there is no shortage of options! The social media world provides a broad landscape for demonstrating your artistic talents, expanding your knowledge of a particular literary theme, or discussing niche topics that interest you.