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What’s On Your Nightstand?: Summer Reading Edition

I’ve just finished hosting a guest from the UK, and as part of his All-American Experience in the DC area, we held a backyard cookout last night so that he could sample delicacies like S’Mores. After everyone had indulged in brownies, ice cream, and fresh berries, the next step was “Do you have any books to give away, Bethanne?”

This isn’t the easy question it might seem to be. (I think I may have to write a separate post about it.) However, what made me smile as I selected books for five of my guests was that each of them was planning what to read over the next nine weeks or so of summer. The first book I’m going to crack open when I get to the beach is the upcoming Mark Helprin, to be followed closely by the upcoming Jo Nesbø.

Your turn!

So, this week, even if your nightstand stack hasn’t changed much, tell me about what you want to read this summer. I’m standing by, ready to fill my beach tote with your suggestions…for the nightstand where I’ll spend vacation!