What’s On Your Nightstand?: Stripping Down

All right, you readers. This week, make me proud! Tell the world what’s on your nightstand, even if you’re still reading the same book as you were in April–last April.

As you peruse those bedside stacks, consider this: Do you strip your hardcovers of their pretty jackets before you dive in to their creamy pages? I never have. I’ve read every single hardcover I’ve ever held while allowing said hardcovers to remain fully clothed. However, after watching other members of my household whip off book covers before lying down with them, I’m considering this “bare” option. It does make sense. If you remove a dust jacket, you can see the form of the book–and you can also get better purchase on its previously slick surfaces.

However, I can’t seem to find any sensible place to store the jackets while I’m reading. Do you put them on a special shelf? Pile them on a dresser? Please, share, fellow readers. I’m always willing to learn a few new moves–when it comes to books.