What’s on Your Nightstand?: Forbidden Fruit

You know the book everyone’s talking about this summer? The one that is Supposedly Hot?

Oh, please. Talk about tepid. I quoted hotter passages in grad-school papers. I know you Riot readers know what I’m talking about, too. We’ve all got books on our nightstands (or hidden behind them) that might provoke blushes if they were found. Perhaps, like the parents of my best bad-girl friend in fifth grade, you have a dog-eared copy of The Joy of Sex stashed away under the bed. Maybe you “collect” more literary smut: Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Fanny Hill, Tropic of Cancer. You might even have a few Taschen “art books” (ahem) within reach. Who knows? I don’t judge. I merely pry.

As for my own text-based unmentionables, well, a lady keeps those to herself. However, if I’m going to ask you to show me yours… I’ll at least recommend a few.

The Best American Erotica edited by Susie Bright–Pick a year, any year. Ms. Bright is always right.

Vox by Nicholson Baker–You haven’t read it yet? Ummm…get busy.

The Piano Teacher by Elfriede Jelinek–Everyone has an Inner Keyboard Bitch.

All right, YOUR TURN. Of course, you may choose not to share your own “unmentionables”–the more important thing is to share the books crowding your TBR pile. Have a great week, all.