What Would Literary Characters Wear for Halloween? [Nook GlowLight Giveaway]



Always books. Never boring.

You’re sitting on your doorstep on Halloween night, hoping the trick-or-treaters show up before you eat all the Organic Fruit Leathers in the bowl on your lap (just kidding–it’s full of King Size Snicker’s Bars). Sure, the kids are cute in their Batman and Disney Princess costumes. But how many superheroes and toddlers wearing tiaras can you stand?

Why can’t the little beggars be more interesting? More intellectually stimulating, or even–dare we say–more horrifying?

Hannibal Lecter dressed as Jamie Oliver? Jack Reacher in drag? Jane Smiley in a cow suit? The Kardashian Sisters as the Hear, See, Speak-No-Evil Monkees? (Yes, they wrote a book!)

Tell us what outlandish–or dead-on appropriate–costume you want to see on your favorite literary personality or character, and you’ll be entered to win a Nook GlowLight in this giveaway from author Laura Benedict. Submit your entry by 11:59pm Eastern Friday, October 12 to enter.

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