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This is a guest post from the awesome team at Open Road Media.


Ereaders and tablets were some of the most popular gifts this holiday. Kindles, iPads, and Nooks were given out in record numbers this year, meaning more people are trying ereading for the first time in 2013.

We asked bestselling authors whose works are available as ebooks about their reading habits. Some have made the switch almost completely after a late start and some move effortlessly between page and screen, depending on what they’re reading. But they all agree – ebook publishing has completely changed the way we read and they write.


Eileen GoudgeEileen Goudge, author of Garden of Lies

“I put a toe in the water when I gave a Kindle to my husband for Xmas one year. He loved it so much, I decided to get one for myself. I was worried it would amount to heresy—me, an author, going to the ‘dark side.’ Horrors! But it’s the tale, not the mode of delivery, right? So, I took the plunge. Lo and behold, I loved it from the get-go. I could now download any title with the click of a button and sample to my heart’s content without searching for the ever-elusive armchair to curl up in at Barnes & Noble. As a reader, I love that I can carry my library wherever I go, and I don’t have to try to find space for another book on my crowded bookshelves. As an author, I love that more readers can find my books more readily.”


Glickman_7[2][1][2]Mary Glickman, author of National Jewish Book Award finalist Home in the Morning.

“The first book I downloaded was . . . my own! … Ebooks have changed the way I read because I’m never without a book anymore. My ereader is so easy to carry everywhere. I much prefer reading ebooks to paper books at the gym, for example. It was always clumsy to turn pages or make the spine of a book stay where I wanted it when on the exercise bike or some other machine with those highly inefficient book holders. Fuggedabout how much easier it is to travel with ebooks. Also, I have more books at hand, ready to read. Storing five ebooks takes up the same space as storing no books at all. There’s something to be said for the lack of clutter.”




Andi Buchanan2Andrea J. Buchanan, author of Gift

I read ebooks almost exclusively these days, and it’s rare that I even consider buying print. Which is something I was surprised to realize, seeing as how I grew up in a house with thousands of books, and I have just as many books in my own house right now.

I think it’s an amazing time to be a reader. If you like the physicality of books, the smell of paper and the sensation of an actual book in your hand, then you can read that kind of book. If you like to read on a computer screen, you can read a book that way, too. And for those of us who have long cherished the childhood dream of being able to read under the covers at night without a flashlight, we have our tablets and phones and glowing e-reader devices, and a library waiting for us with the swipe of a finger. What could be better than that?”