21 Whale Bookends for Every Room: Wood, Metal, Cute, and Vintage

Whales are awesome: They’re huge. They’re mysterious. They’re kinda cute but kinda scary. They’re the subject of at least one really long nineteenth-century novel. But how can you show your love of whales and your love of similarly long nineteenth-century novels at the same time? With whale bookends, obviously.

If you’re gussying up your space with a nautical mood, equipping a nursery with a cute animal theme, or just reallyreallyreally into whales, check the bookends below for ideas. I’ve divided them up into 4 categories: wood (or wood-look), metal (or metal-look), cute/kid-friendly, and vintage. Dive in!

whale bookends

Wooden Bookends

These would be perfect for a VERY SERIOUS STUDY with, like, wainscoting and tumblers of scotch.

Humpback Whale Bookends by MokuShop, $55.00

artistic outline wooden whale bookends

Wooden Bookends by Crate&Kids, $49.00

dark brown wooden whale bookends

Narwhal Bookends by MokuShop, $65.00

wood narwhal bookends with narwhals in water in front of a mountain


Bookends by SONOMA Goods for Life, $15.99

Distressed whale bookend in black

Metal Bookends

These are so shiny, they would definitely elevate and add some pop to that nautical-themed guest room of yours.

Whale Bookends by Madison Park Signature, $50.99

gold whale bookend

Whale Book Ends by Trent Austin Design, $57.99

aged metal whale bookend

Bookends by Breakwater Bay, $97.99

gold blue whale bookend

Cast Iron Bookends from Red Barn Mercantile, $75.00

blue cast iron whale bookend

Vintage Bookends from BottlesInTheBarn, $60.00

pewter whale bookends


Cute Bookends

Put these in a nursery. Who wouldn’t want to grow up with adorable whales holding up their books?

Ceramic Whale Bookends by Harriet Bee, $43.99

shiny ceramic blue whale bookend

Stacked Whale Bookends by Harriet Bee, $29.99

whale bookends with stacks of three whales on each side

Bookends by RH Baby & Child, $75.00

whale bookend spouting water

Wood Whale Bookends by KettmanWoodCrafts, $40.00

blue whale bookends on white base

Mid Century Mann Cartoon White Bookends from FloraLivingBoutique, $46.00

Whale Tail White Bookend from TimeFourCircle, $19.80

white low profile whale bookend

Whale Bookends by OldMillWoodcuts, $38.00

bright blue whale bookend with water spout and googly eye

Whale Bookends from Woodland Ends, $79.00 AU

grey whale bookends


Vintage-Feel Bookends

Antiqued to within an inch of their book-propping lives, these whales are a good choice if you want to lean into the whole Moby-Dick vibe.

Blue Resin Bookends by Breakwater Bay, $35.99

antiqued teal whale bookend

Decorative Bookends by Royal Brands, $38.95

dark whale bookend with distressed parts showing bronze

Whale Tales Bookends by Birch Lane Kids, $41.99

aged dark wooden whale bookend

Feed Sack Pillow Whale Bookends by nextdoortoheaven, $16.00

burlap pillows with whales on them


Other Animal Bookends

We love bookends here at Book Riot. Find some antique animal bookends here. And over here is a collection of 50 of them, to help inspire you even more.

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