How Well Do You Know Meg Cabot?

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1. B – Meg got her start writing steamy romance novels under the pen name Patricia Cabot.

2. C – When I saw her, Meg said her biggest wish for Princess Diaries is to have it adapted to a stage musical.

3. D – Meg Cabot has published over 80 books!

4. C – The books Meg reads for leisure are ones that assuredly will never intersect with the kinds of stories she writes.

5. A – Nice little random trivia.

6. B – Meg Cabot did the illustrations for her From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess, which came out this year. She’s actually worked on comics before, but as a writer. But in future, maybe she’ll find the time to actually draw a comic.

7. B – When I asked Meg to share a little-known fact about her, she said she was obsessed with Joan of Arc as a kid and still prays to her today. If she had a pet dragon, she’d call it Joan of Arc.

8. D – Remember when I said that some aspects of her writing are reflections of real life? This was one of them, before Mia became a 15-year old princess.

9. C – Her father’s death led to Meg’s decision to seriously try getting published, following the mindset that you can go at any time, and you should use the time you’re given to follow your dreams.

10. A – If you’re ever headed to a Meg Cabot event, don’t forget your tiara!