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7 Splash-Proof and Water-Proof Kindle Cases for Summer Reading

Kate Krug


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Book friends, summer is finally here. Okay, it technically isn’t summer until the end of June. Still, after this miserable Minnesota winter, I am more than willing to prematurely announce the season’s arrival. Warmer weather means summer beach reads and sunshine. And I have to say, I cannot wait.

Now, I love reading at all times of the year, and as a homebody, I 100 percent will never say no to curling up with a book, a huge blanket, and one of my many Squishmallows. But there is something special about putting a book in your bag and going to chill by the pool, the ocean, really any body of water works. And whether it’s a physical book, an ereader, or an audiobook, the experience is legendary.

Reading by the pool has a particular aesthetic, but you risk a rogue splash ruining your book or ereader. And we can’t have that. Luckily, a handful of high-quality waterproof cases and pouches on the market keep your devices safe while allowing a stray wave to wash upon you. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab one of these waterproof Kindle cases before you head out on any summer adventures. Your book/ereader will thank you.

EMSEEK Waterproof Ebook Reader Cover

Completely protect your Kindle from water damage using these portable clear plastic carriers. Simply open, put the device inside, and reseal it. $15.

Inflatable Kindle case

Okay, so before you scoff at the price, let me say this case floats. Fitting various tablet sizes, this is your ticket to ultimate reading relaxation. $180.

Simply Waterproof eREADER Sleeve

These ereader sleeves protect your device and can be reused for future pool/beach trips. Additionally, these sleeves have an RF shield and protect against identity theft or other sensitive information you may have on your Kindle. $8 for a pack of 3.

Atlas Waterproof Case for Kindle Fire

If you own a Kindle Fire, this was named the first-ever certified “Made for Kindle” waterproof case. There are multiple layers to this case, providing excellent protection against water for up to 6 feet (or 30 minutes). $45.

Also created for the Kindle Fire, this multi-functional and shockproof case has dual layers of protection for everything from small pool splashes to bigger cannonballs. $40.

Kindle Paperwhite Water-Safe Fabric Cover

Available in a handful of colors, this fabric cover for the Kindle Paperwhite comes with a hand grip on the back. While you won’t want to submerge this case underwater fully, the case is water-safe and will protect your device. $22.

Lightweight Case for All-New 6" Kindle 11th Generation

This 6″ 11th Gen Kindle case is lined with microfiber and has a waterproof, durable cover that protects your Kindle. Pool splash approved. $15.