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Washi Tape For Book Lovers With Different Aesthetics

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Jamie Canaves

Contributing Editor

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If I was writing the history for washi tape it would be that a masking tape roll took a sticker sheet to prom, and nine months later, washi tape was born. And yes, I also agree I should be in charge of randomly making up stories for objects, but the real story of the washi tapes invention is actually an interesting one — plus, who doesn’t love a #themoreyouknow story? “It was invented in 2006 by Kamoi Kakoshi Co., a maker of industrial tape and insect traps, after it received an email from a group of women who had started using masking tape in their bookmaking projects.

I love washi tape to such a degree that I swear I internally squeal every time I see a cute washi tape design and then hear Pee-Wee Herman say, “Then why don’t you marry it!” And maybe I will! While many people use washi tape in journals, the possibilities really are endless — which this craft book with 110 ideas proves. I’ve even seen bicycles decorated with washi tape, which always delights me. With my love of washi tape, and our book loving spirits in mind, I set out to find bookish washi tape for different tastes. Below you’ll find cute and bright, to dark and maybe even sinister.

washi tape with illustrations of butterflies, flowers, books, and a woman reading

Dreams Washi Tape ($6): For fans of butterflies, flowers, and reading, here’s a lovely design that’ll make you want to read in a garden.

illustrated rainbow colored washi tape of bookshelves with books and knicknacks

Rainbow Bookshelf 15mm Washi Tape ($5): Taste the rainbow of books!

washi tape roll with graphic art of cute animals reading books

Reading Stamp Washi Tape ($6.25): If you’re a fan of cute critters and pastel-y colors, here’s a sweet roll of washi tape with a fun stamp feel.

beige washi tape with cows, bunnies, and hedehogs reading books

Reading Critters Washi Tape ($5): Maybe you said yes to the cute critters but not the above color pallet, in which case here’s a neutral one with bunnies, moos, and hedgehogs reading — as of course those animals are known to do.

washi tape with art of books and cats sleeping on books in muted colors

Books and Cat Washi Tape ($3): Here’s a nice roll for fans of cats, books, and muted color.

washi tape in black and white with skulls and book stacks

Book Shelf Washi Tape ($7): Here’s a dark roll for fans of books and skulls — and maybe the dark arts.

blue washi tape with illustrations of books and ghosts

Ghosts of Forgotten Books Washi Tape ($5): Fan of a friendly ghost and books? Here’s an adorable ghostly reading buddy.

washi tape with blue and pink books, flowers, and witchy vibes

So Many Books Blue Washi Tape ($6): If you love a color theme and fun, witchy vibes!

extra wide washi tape with graphic art of Alice in Wonderland scenes

Alice in Wonderland Whimsical washi Tape, Extra Wide ($23): This is the most expensive one on the list, but it’s much bigger than the others and perfect for fans of Wonderland.

washi tape with stacks of books, mugs, and flowers all in different pinks

Romance Reader Washi Tape ($4): For fans of romance novels and pink! (Plus, they have a lot of bookish washi tape designs.)

If you’re looking for more goodies to add to a reading journal or bookish crafting check out 14 Affordable Items to Elevate Your BuJo Book Tracker.