It’s Business Time: A List of Warren Buffett Book Recommendations

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Warren Buffett isn’t just known for his business acumen – he’s also, famously, a voracious reader. In various interviews, Buffett has revealed that he often reads around 1000 pages a day (if I could read at even half that speed, I’d no longer be in danger of being crushed under my TBR pile – although to be fair, if I had Buffett’s billions, my TBR pile would probably be a TBR warehouse). Even at the ripe old age of 89, Buffett estimates that he still spends about 80% of each day reading.

As you might imagine from such a prolific reader, Buffett has been happy to dish out book recommendations in the many interviews he’s had over the years. I’ve condensed all of Warren Buffett book recommendations into one list that will point you in the direction of some great books on business. With suggestions that deal with all aspects of business, from the technical aspects of investing to the life stories of famous business leaders, there’s plenty on Buffett’s list to sink your entrepreneurial teeth into.

Business Essentials

Common Sense Investing by John BogleThe Clash of the Cultures by John Bogle

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing by John Bogle

Business Adventures by John Brooks

Dream Big by Cristiane Correa

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits by Philip Fisher

The Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates

Stress Test: Reflections on Financial Crises by Tim Geithner

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham and David L. Dodd

Poor Charlie’s Almanack by Peter Kaufman

Essays in Persuasion by John Maynard Keynes

Take On The Street by Arthur Levitt

The Most Important Thing Illuminated by Howard Marks

The Outsiders by William Thorndike Jr.

Bonus Books

Firefighting coverHere are a few Warren Buffett book recommendations that fall slightly outside of the pure business model, delving into memoir, anecdotes, history and politics.

Nuclear Terrorism by Graham Allison

Firefighting: The Financial Crisis and its Lessons by Ben S. Benanke, Timothy F. Geithner and Henry M. Paulson

Limping on Water by Phil Beuth and KC Schulberg

First A Dream by Jim Clayton and Bill Retherford

“Where Are The Customers’ Yachts?” by Fred Schwed

Jack: Straight from the Gut by Jack Welch

The Making of The President by Theodore White

Buffett’s Books

Warren Buffett's Ground Rules coverBuffett doesn’t just read – he’s also written several essays and letters, which have been collated into books.

The Essays of Warren Buffett, edited by Lawrence A. Cunningham

Warren Buffett’s Ground Rules, edited by Jeremy C. Miller



Beyond Buffett: Other Business Books to Read

Year of Yes coverWhile Buffett has recommended a large number of books over the years, the majority of them are written by white men. This is perhaps unsurprising, as white men still command a huge amount of privilege in the business world (and the world in general). However, there are many great business books written by women and people of colour that are essential reading for prospective entrepreneurs. Here are a few recommendations:

The One Week Budget by Tiffany Aliche

The Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women by Elaine Meryl Brown, Marsha Haygood and Rhonda Joy McLean

Secrets of Successful Sales by Alison Edgar

The Multi-Hyphen Method by Emma Gannon

Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success by Steve Harvey

Beta by Rebecca Holman

The Wealth Choice by Dennis Kimbro

The Working Woman’s Handbook by Phoebe Lovatt

Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey

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