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Want to Write for Panels? We’re Looking for You!

We’re looking for a few new writers to come join us here at Panels. Interested? Here’s what we’re looking for:

If you like to write about comics almost as much as you love to read comics, then we’re looking for you.

If you can be funny, smart, passionate, and informative about comics, reading, and the life of a comics fan, then we are looking for you.

If you can be both serious and goofy, sometimes in the span of a sentence, then we are looking for you.

If you can come up with ideas, participate in collaborative projects, give feedback to others on their ideas, and be an active voice in our contributor community then we are looking for you. 

If you can commit to writing at least two posts a month, then we are looking for you. 

There are a few places we’re especially looking: indie and less well-known comics, webcomics, manga, and standalone graphic novels and memoirs. Writers of color, LGBTQIA+ writers, and voices representing other marginalized groups are strongly encouraged to apply. Seriously, I can’t tell you how badly we want to hear from you. If this doesn’t describe you, or these aren’t your passions, don’t worry—we still want to see your application. But if it does, we’ll be bummed if we don’t hear from you.

Also, if you have a blog already, that’s awesome, please let us know. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t the kind of stuff you would write for Panels, but it does show that you are excited about writing and can keep up a writing habit.

Complete the form below to submit your samples and application by 11:59pm Eastern, Monday, March 7. 

Samples must be submitted via links in this form. The samples can be links to things you’ve already written and published online, things you’ve written and haven’t yet published, or you can write new stuff just for this. If you are submitting pieces that have not been previously published, please use Google Docs (make sure the permissions are set widely enough; we won’t follow up if we can’t access your pieces) or Dropbox. Emailed applications and attachments will not be read.

What to Send Us: Your samples should be things you think could go up on Panels just as they are. If you are writing new pieces for this application, we recommend that one be an entry for the Our Reading Lives series, and the other on any topic of your choosing. If you only have non-comics writing samples, we strongly encourage you to write new pieces.

What Not to Send: Please don’t submit reviews of comics you’ve written for your blog or other publications (you’ll notice we don’t do too many straight reviews around here). Also, please do not submit image-heavy pieces (like our Comics Fetish or Art Round-Up series, or a collection of 10 awesome t-shirts for comics fans); we want to get a feel for your voice and writing style.

Your samples should show us that you understand how we do things here at Panels and that you can do it too. Take this opportunity to knock our socks off.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this a paid thing or what?

Yes. Panels contributors receive a revenue share. You’ll get more details if your application is accepted.

2. What happens to my posts after I write them?

You keep the rights to your posts and can do what you like with them after they appear on Panels. We do require a 48-hour window before they appear elsewhere, and we keep a license to use them in future projects.

3. Do I pitch ideas or get assigned stuff?

You’ll be responsible for generating your own post ideas, and you’ll be free to write about whatever you are interested in and passionate about. Our goal is to edit/assist you just as much as you want and not a comma more. If you have a jillion ideas, then we’ll stay out of your way…That said, if you are stuck or want a second opinion, the Panels contributor community is really great at helping out.

4. I’m an author/artist/editor/publisher/agent/whatever. Is that OK?

Sure. But this isn’t a gig to write about your project until we start bleeding out of our eyes. In fact, you should avoid writing about your project as much as possible. (People will like you more, I promise.) In your bio that appears with your posts, you can link to your self-pubbed 99 cent, digital exclusive Agatha Christie zombie detective comic, though.

5. When will I hear from you?

If we are interested in talking with you more about becoming a contributor, you’ll hear from us by April 15.

6. I’ve applied previously to be a part of the Panels community; can I apply again?

Yes, definitely. We’d love to hear from you.

7. I don’t live in the United States. Can I still be a contributor?

That’s not a problem. We have contributors from multiple countries.

8. I’m interested in writing for Panels, but I’m not really interested in participating in collaborative stuff. Is that okay?

The contributor community is the heart of Panels, and most of us will tell you it’s the best part of being a Panels contributor. This isn’t just a writing gig, and if that’s all you want, this probably isn’t the place for you.

9. If my application isn’t accepted, can I have constructive feedback on why?

Sorry! We receive hundreds of applications in these calls, and there’s no way we have the resources to give private feedback to everyone.

Ready? Here we go!