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Vote Now: START HERE Write-In Giveaway Finalists

Have you heard? Here at Book Riot Central, we’re getting ready to publish our first book! It’s called START HERE: Read Your Way Into 25 Amazing Authors, and it’s designed to help you dive into authors you’ve been wanting to read but haven’t, because you didn’t know where to start.

We want START HERE to be for the Book Riot community and BY the Book Riot community, so last week, we invited you to submit your own chapters. There were a ton of amazing entries, and we’ve narrowed it down to these five. The winner will get a bunch of awesome prizes, including a $50 giftcard to their favorite bookstore and possible inclusion in START HERE when it’s published. Love the idea? Back START HERE on Kickstarter and vote for your favorite finalist.

The winner of the Write-In Giveaway will be the one whose entry reposted on BookRiot.com gets the most Facebook “likes” by 11:59PM EDT, Friday, August 17, 2012. The ONLY way to vote is to click the Facebook “Like” just above the text of your favorite finalist’s post on BookRiot.com.


And now, the finalists! Click through to read them, and don’t forget to click “like” to cast your vote.

Finalist #1: A guide to Herman Melville, with the final destination of Moby-Dick

Finalist #2: A guide to William Faulkner, in flowchart form

Finalist #3: A guide to Michael Ondaatje, with the final destination of The Cat’s Table

Finalist #4: A guide to Cormac McCarthy, with the final destination of Blood Meridian

Finalist #5: A guide to William Gibson, with the final destination of Pattern Recognition


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