Vote For Your Favorite Moment from the Jason Bourne Books/Movies!

Amanda Nelson

Staff Writer

Amanda Nelson is an Executive Director of Book Riot. She lives in Richmond, VA.

Amanda Nelson

Staff Writer

Amanda Nelson is an Executive Director of Book Riot. She lives in Richmond, VA.

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Jason Bourne is one of the most popular and compelling characters in contemporary fiction. Originally created by bestselling author Robert Ludlum, the Jason Bourne series was later adapted into films that have become modern classics. Now, New York Times bestselling writer Eric Van Lustbader carries on Jason Bourne’s story with a new novel about the rogue secret agent who has lost his memory…

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There are five (so far) Jason Bourne movies out, and 14 books in the series–plenty of opportunities for fans to have developed their favorite moments from screen or page. So we asked you to tell us your favorite moment from the Jason Bourne movies or books. We’ve picked our top three favorite entries to be the finalists, and now the Book Riot readers get to pick their fave to be the grand prize winner! Each finalist won a copy of The Bourne Initiative, and the Grand Prize winner receives 10 of the Bourne books and a $50 VISA gift card! Read the entries and pick your favorite below:

#1 Amina

At the beginning of Identity, Bourne doesn’t remember anything — his name, where he lives, nothing. He has just been saved at sea by some Italian fishermen, and upon discovering a safe deposit number on his hip, travels to Zurich to find the box linked to the number. He goes inside a high-security bank and provides the number from memory. They let him through the multiple barricades and provide him a private booth in which to look over his box’s contents.

In the box, he discovers a stack of passports — all bearing his photo, and all with different names. The American passport says that his name is Jason Bourne. Another document tells him the address of his home in Paris. He discovers that there is a false bottom to the safe deposit box; he removes it and finds stacks of money of various currencies, and a gun. Bourne takes everything in the box except for the pistol and leaves the bank in a hurry. But as he leaves, one the bank’s more observant employees makes a phone call…


#2 Aletheia

I know this is unusual, but I loved the first few chapters of The Bourne Identity, when Bourne had no idea at all who he was and slowly began to recover, surprised to discover his unconventional skillset. I read it from my hospital bed. I suffer from depression and several other brain disorders, and although nothing about my condition resembles the specifics of Bourne’s, I know what it’s like to live in a brain that doesn’t always do what I need it to, and to feel profoundly disconnected from the person I am. It was great fun to watch him emerge from the fog of brain trauma as a total badass!


#3 Kristin

From the original movie (the first books/movies are almost always the best)… as Jason Bourne is still trying to figure out who he is, he is attacked by a CIA assassin. The assassin crashes through the window and Bourne goes into autopilot. He proves that the pen is mightier than the sword (knife in this case). Bourne doesn’t have a weapon, so he reaches for the first thing he can find, a pen. The assassin tries to kill Bourne with the knife… all the while… Bourne is stabbing him with the pen. It was crazy.

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