Quiz: Which Vanderbeeker Sibling Are You?

As an only child, I’ve often been fascinated by large families—and Ann M. Martin, one of my favourite authors as a child, wrote about a number of them (mostly notably the Pike family in the Baby-Sitters Club). I’m pleased to report that I have found a large fictional family to love as an adult: the Vanderbeekers. I was a bit slow to get on the Vanderbeeker bandwagon and only recently read The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street. But once I had my copy, I devoured the book and promptly started to imagine what life would be like as one of the Vanderbeekers. They seem like such a warm, loving, and wonderful family!

The second Vanderbeeker novel, The Vanderbeekers and the Hidden Garden recently came out, and if, like me, you gobbled up the books, your head is still in a brownstone in Harlem, and you wish you were part of that family, take this quiz and find out which Vanderbeeker sibling you are!

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