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10 Bookish Valentines for Your Favorite Non-Fictional Character

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and whether you’re romantically involved or not, I think we can all agree that bookish Valentines make the best Valentines. Here are ten great cards and greetings (some downloadable for you procrastinators out there!) to give to your favorite non-fictional character. Or fictional character. We don’t judge.

I Love You Almost As Much As I Love Books

I Love You Almost as Much as I Love Books Valentine's Day Card

The Valentine that expresses your affection while also being open and honest about your feelings!

Dewey Belong Together?

Dewey Belong Together? Valentine's Day Card

For the library pun lover! The answer is HECK YES.

Meet Me at the Library

Meet Me at the Library Card

This is a great one to express your priorities and also kick off the perfect (im0) date night!

If Life is a Book, Then Our Love is the Story

If Life is a Book Then Our Love is the Story Valentine's Day Card

It may be sappy, but it’s bound to melt a few hearts.

You Have Bewitched Me, Body and Soul

You Have Bewitched Me Body and Soul Jane Austen Valentine's Day Card

For the Pride & Prejudice fan, this Darcy quote is unbeatable.

Nothing Beats the Smell of Old Books…Except You

Nothing Beats the Smell of Old Books Valentine

And I mean, books smell AMAZING.

You’re the Rhysand to My Feyre

For the partner who loves A Court of Thorns and Roses as much as you do…

You’re the Best Thing to Happen to Me Since Books

You're the Best thing to Happen to Me Since Books Valentine's Day Card

Is there any higher compliment that you could pay someone than this?

I Like Long, Romantic Walks Through the Bookstore With You

I Like Long Romantic Walks in the Bookstore With You Card

Because why go to the beach when you could go to the bookstore?

Thank You for Being My Bookish Friend

Thank You for Being My Bookish Friend Valentine's Day Card

Because sometimes having a true book friend can be just as valuable, if not more so, than having a romantic partner, and that deserves to be celebrated!


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