Books Aren’t Just For Reading: Upcycled Bookish Goodies

Books are beautiful, and people make beautiful things from them. They can be used in any number of really creative and interesting ways. Just take a look at some of the best bookish upcycling available on Etsy.

Harry Potter Rose Bouquet

Bookpage Earrings

Comic Book Bridal Bouquet

Bookpage Necklace

Bookpage Purse

Custom Book Planter

Category ID: 914

Watercolor Bookpage Coasters

Book Lamp

Farmhouse Book Wreath

Recycled Book Desk Organizer

Etsy is a great place to find supplies for your own upcycling adventures, too. And for those of you who feel uneasy about books being used as craft supplies, here’s a reminder that books, while amazing and wonderful, are not sacred objects. 

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