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How To Find Upcoming Book Releases by Date

Emily Stochl

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There are so many books coming out each week, it can be difficult to keep track of the publication dates of all these amazing new reads. But there are sites and resources that organize upcoming book releases by date, and will make keeping track a lot easier on you. Some catalog upcoming book releases for 2019, others run through early 2020. Here are five different options for you to try!

Book Riot Insiders New Releases Index

The Insiders New Releases Index helps you keep tabs on all the new releases. The Book Riot team gathers all the relevant new releases info into one place for you, and best of all, it’s organized by release date. The site also allows you to filter information by genre, recently added, or trending—all the while keeping things organized by date.

Finally, with an account you’re able to save books to your “Watchlist,” so you can filter in only the books you have your eye on. Book Riot offers a demo of Insiders so you can try out the service before signing up for membership, but it’s definitely the best out there. The New Releases Index currently lists weekly releases six weeks out from the current date.

Barnes & Noble

To access the Barnes & Noble new releases organized by release date, head to their ‘Coming Soon’ section. Here you can see the titles scheduled to release in both hardback and paperback by release date and also preorder selections straight from the website.

Preordered books are shipped to as soon as they’re released, and if you’re curious about book preorders, we’ve written about what they are and why they matter here. Barnes & Noble’s website currently lists book releases six weeks out, and everything publishing beyond that point is categorized as “Beyond.”


To organize Amazon releases by date, navigate to the Coming Soon section, and sort the titles by Publication Date. From there, you will definitely need to filter selections in and out because over 30,000 titles are listed.

This isn’t the most convenient tool because even when sorted by date, the website serves up releases in a somewhat jumbled order—for example, December 2019, January 2020, and February 2020 releases appear out of order on one page—and there is a lot to wade through.

Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly organizes its book release information by their “On Sale Calendars” that are available for each month, separated and organized by Adult and Children’s Books. This information is currently available for six months out at a time, allowing the reader to look as far ahead as April 2020.

Similar to the Book Riot Insiders New Release Index, Publishers Weekly includes information about the book price, publisher, and ISBN. However, the Publishers Weekly catalog does not include book cover photos, which the New Release Index does, for visual folks.

Publishers’ Websites

Another option can be to seek out these lists on publishers websites, where seasonal catalogs are often published. Doubleday Press even organizes their fiction and nonfiction releases into a Pinterest board for users! Many publishers do their own marketing efforts to promote their upcoming releases, however few organize upcoming book releases by date.

For more suggestions on how to keep up on upcoming releases, check out this post, which includes different ways of cataloging and tracking upcoming books.