Unpopular Bookish Opinions

For the most part, bookish folks are of a like mind on many things. Sometimes, though, I have to bite my tongue to keep my unpopular bookish opinions to myself. Well, no more! Here are several of my worst and most strongly-held opinions. Do not @ me.

Unpopular Opinions on Genre

Science Fiction is a subgenre of Fantasy.

Young Adult is a category, not a genre.

Noir is a style. Crime fiction is a genre. Both can have a detective character but do not need one.

photo of woman in hat by Monica Silva

Photo by Monica Silva on Unsplash

Romance is both a category and a genre. 

Thriller is not the same as horror or mystery, but often crosses over with one or the other.

Literary Fiction is usually code for White Male Feelings.

Unpopular Opinions on Writers

Life is more interesting when authors write in more than one genre.

Except for when certain authors really need to stay in their lane.

photo of woman writing on laptop

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Unpopular Opinions on Books as Objects

Deckled edges look great but are in fact terrible.

It’s okay to use books in craft projects (except rare books, I guess).

photo of tape, scissors, and other craft supplies laid out

Photo by Jo Szczepanska on Unsplash

It’s fine to dog ear your pages and write in the margins. Just don’t do it to borrowed books.

The “smell of old books” is the smell of rot. It’s gross.

Unpopular Opinions on Media

Ebooks are just as good and easier to carry.

Sometimes the movie is better.