A Play on Words: 8 Unlimited Wordle Games

Isabelle Popp

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It wasn’t hard to incorporate Wordle into my daily puzzle routine. I was already in a decades-long habit of solving The New York Times crossword puzzle. Then I added the Spelling Bee, also from the Times, in 2020. Once Wordle and its various offshoots hit the scene, my routine expanded further. My favorite non-word-puzzle offshoots, by the way, are Heardle (pop music), Framed (movie stills), and Worldle (country maps). Even with all these options, my enthusiasm for Wordle made me want unlimited Wordle gameplay.

Wordle is a truly exceptional word game for numerous reasons. First and foremost, the gameplay is elegant and fun. You can even play it with paper and pencil against an opponent if you wish to. Online, everyone getting the same puzzle on the same day gives it a communal feeling. The ability to share your results without spoiling the puzzle for others, via the emoji blocks, furthers the ability to connect with friends and family. For some, the fact that the official puzzle comes only once per day makes it a brief, delightful blip that doesn’t significantly disrupt the rest of the day. The downside to that fact is that sometimes you really just want to groove on Wordle for a while.

Luckily, other websites have created their own versions of the game and offered unlimited play. I’ve gone deep on word game dictionaries before, so I’m confident these clones will not be using whatever curated and proprietary lexicon the NYT uses in official Wordle. So who knows what wild or arcane words you might encounter? Consider it part of the fun. I’ve rounded up sites that I think have some cool features in addition to the unlimited Wordle play.

Unlimited Wordle Games

1. Wordle Unlimited

Worldle Unlimited is the most like classic Wordle, aesthetically. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to mess with a good thing, this is the site for you. Endless, blissful gameplay.

screenshot of Wordle Unlimited home screen

2. Wordplay

Wordplay lets you play Wordle in an unlimited fashion, but it offers some additional opportunities. It provides analysis of your gameplay, and each game has a unique identifier that allows you to send it to a friend if you find it particularly fiendish or otherwise interesting.

screenshot of Wordplay home screen

3. Wordle Game

Wordle Game is perhaps the most flexible option. It allows players to choose to solve puzzles with differing lengths of words. So if you feel like you’ve mastered the five letter word, work your way up to 11 letters. The site also lets you choose from different dictionaries, allowing you to play puzzles in a variety of languages. Lastly, if you want to pose a Worldle-style puzzle to someone else, hit the “W+” button to create your own challenge.

screenshot of Wordle Game home screen

Unlimited Wordle Games With a Twist

There are people who say Wordle is so popular because it’s too easy. I don’t see that as a problem. Like crossword puzzles, Wordle is a game that is meant to be solved. But there are some ways to up the challenge. Namely, solving multiple puzzles in parallel.

4. dordle

Like the above sites, these all allow for unlimited play. The first is dordle, in which your set of guesses applies to two simultaneous Wordle puzzles. You get one extra turn with this added difficulty.

home screen of Dordle

5. Quordle

Quordle, which offers four simultaneous puzzles and eight turns, is, for me, a perfect level of difficulty. Developing your strategic words that combine vowels plus Y and those most common consonants is such fun. I often go with STARE, MOUND, and PICKY as my opening gambit. See how that works for you.

Quordle home screen

6. Other Unlimited Wordle Games

The fun doesn’t stop there. If you like solving parallel puzzles, you’re in for great fun. Octordle offers eight puzzles with 13 turns. Sedecordle presents 16 words to solve in 21 guesses. And I admit a personal fondness for Duotrigordle. 32 words and 37 guesses! If you haven’t tried these parallel puzzles, I think they are a truly excellent challenge.

home screen of duotrigordle

The Last Word

I hope you find one or more of these sites are exactly where you want to hunker down for a delightful session of word puzzling. If you want more, there are other apps like Wordle we can recommend. We’ve also talked about what Wordle can teach about moderation. But as the developers of these unlimited wordle sites know, there’s nothing wrong with extending the joy a word puzzle can bring. I wish you good puzzling.