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The 28 Best Unique Bookshelves You Can Buy Right Now

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Editor’s note: this post was updated October, 2021.

It’s one thing to put your books on cheap bookshelves. It’s probably something most of us do (self included—though I’m lucky to have married someone who has built me some, too!). There’s no shame, especially as the purpose of books is for reading, as opposed to extreme displaying. But sometimes, you are itching for the kind of shelving that inspires oohs and ahhs. Enter this round-up of some of the best unique bookshelves you can buy.

These unique bookshelves are fun, fancy, and sometimes downright strange. Most of them are on the pricier side, but for readers who love shelves that are outside the standard, the splurge on one of these is more than likely worth it.

Put these unique bookshelves on your dream home wish lists or, if you decide to take the plunge, come back and share a picture of what they look like filled with your books in the comments.

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The Best Unique Bookshelves

This spiral bookshelf is so eye-catching. $675.

You might not fit a ton of books on this hanging bookshelf, but it sure looks great. $65 and up, with options on size and wood type.

Your superhero books will look stunning in this Batman bookshelf. $34.95 and up.

I love how this flying bookshelf looks like a bunch of birds. $783.

This hexagonal shelf is for anyone who loves the mod style. $243 and up.

All of your music books would look awesome in this guitar bookshelf. $430.

Tetris bookshelves! I love the pops of color on these. $668.

Books keep this heart bookshelf beating. $35.

Want to DIY your own unique bookshelves? This cutting file will help you make your own birds on a wire shelf. $5.

I’m not entirely sure how books stay on this shelf, but this twist knot bookshelf is gorgeous. $1,500.

How about a custom coffin bookshelf for all of your scary reads? $580 and up.

The crooked bookshelf! $3,030.

This honeycomb bookshelf is perfect for the bee lover. $1,725.

I need a few of these crescent moon bookshelves on my walls! $600.

How cute is this plane bookshelf, especially for a kid’s room? $89.

This asymmetrical bookshelf has pretty standard shelf space, but it has such an appealing design. $240.

This giant serpentine bookshelf is such a stunning piece. $3,400.

This pipe bookshelf combines all things steampunk with all things utilizing corner space for books. $385.

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