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10 Fun and Unique Book Subscription Boxes for Enthusiastic Adult Readers

There are so many fun and creative book subscription boxes. They include book boxes for kids, book boxes for middle grade readers, book boxes for YA readers, and more. And certainly, there are a number of outstanding book subscription boxes for adults, too. But where to start in finding the perfect one for you and what excites your reading palate? How about one of these unique book subscription boxes for adults, ranging from books that come with delicious tea to book boxes with a feminist angle to book boxes for when you want to spice up the bedroom (be it with a partner or solo!).

Check ’em out and give ’em a whirl to add something new to your reading life and your otherwise bill-filled mailbox.

Note that while some of these boxes ship internationally, not all do. They do all ship in the United States.

Unique Book Subscription Boxes for Adults

Feminist Book Club Box, Starting at $45/month

Ever wanted resistance in a box while doing good for small female and queer owned businesses? Enter: feminist book club box. Sent once a month, this book subscription box for adult features a book selected by subscribers, along with a hand-curated array of 2-4 full size, high-quality products. In addition to the box, there is a Facebook group where members get to discuss the month’s book, participate in live chats, and help select future titles. A portion of sales each month go toward a new feminist organization, literally putting money back into doing good.

Bubbles and Books, Starting at $25/month

That is indeed a Pennywise bath bomb in the photo. The Bubbles and Books box is a unique mix of bath products and paranormal romance, so you can get your creature feature, love, and self-care on all at once. The basic subscription level at $25 a month gets you one new release paranormal romance novel, along with at least five ebook romances and fix luxury bath products. Talk about a splash!

The Intoxicated Intellectual, $45/month

Want to practice your mixology while also digging into a book that will stretch your brain? Enter: the intoxicated intellectual. Each month, subscribers receive a brand new book and all of the mixings—minus the booze—to whip up a themed cocktail. With the book and ingredients comes a history of the drink, along with the mixers and bar tools. Though the booze doesn’t come with the box, subscribers will know ahead of time what they need to create it and can plan accordingly. Bottoms up!

Margins Box, $33/month

The margins box is perfect for you if you’re seeking more inclusive books in your reading life, as well as goods made by black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) in your life. Each month you will get on newly released YA book by a BIPOC author, along with 4–6 book related goods.

Call Number Box, $34/Quarterly

If you want more inclusivity on your bookshelves and prefer adult books, and/or you have a fierce love of all things library, then the Call Number Box has your name all over it. This isn’t a monthly subscription. Rather, it’s quarterly, and in each box, you’ll receive a hardcover book by a contemporary black author, along with book-themed items and a library packet that includes a call number for your new book’s spine. There is an option with this box to receive just the book, too. The Call Number Box is curated by a black librarian, so you know you’re getting an expert selection.

Literary Tea Co. ~$41/month

This box ships worldwide from Australia, which would be an utter treat for anyone, but especially for those who aren’t Aussie. Imagine getting a new book from another country, along with a selection of teas? I think this is my personal dream book box. Each month, the box features a brand new book, along with six surprise tea selections. Yum!

My Coffee and Book Club, $32/month

If there’s a tea box, you better believe there’s also a coffee box. My Coffee and Book Club is a monthly box that brings together literature and delicious coffee. There’s a lot of opportunity to customize the box. You get one 12-oz bag of small batch coffee—you choose between whole bean and ground—along with two new hardcover books—you choose what genre. There’s also an opportunity to snag a monthly free ebook with the box.

Zine-o-Matic, $17.50/month and up

Ever wanted a great selection of zines curated and sent to your mailbox monthly so you don’t have to travel the country to find new and interesting work? This box has you covered. There are two sizes to choose from: Mondo, which brings 4–6 zines plus goodies and Super Mondo, featuring 5–6 zines and extra goodies. The goodies might include art, bookmarks, stickers, and more. Zine-O-Matic has incredible subscriber reviews to boot.

Novel-Erotics, $29/quarterly

This quarterly subscription box is for those who want to take their sex lives—and their reading lives—to another level. Each box features a selection of sex toys, along with an erotic short story. The packaging is genius, too: it’s styled like an old book, making this a discrete and nerdy mail treat.

The Go-Love-Yourself Box, $46/monthly

Self-care has become such a huge industry, and this box not only offers self-care, but it offers incentive for self-development, too, both in the box and through an online community. Each month, the Go-Love-Yourself box sends out one personal growth themed book, along with two resources like workbooks, journals, or other tools to help dig into your dreams and goals. There are also 3–5 self-care goods, like tea or sleep masks, and access to an online community featuring webinars, women’s circles, and more. Boxes with online components and experiences take the excitement of receiving things to something bigger—community and connection with others who care about the things you do.