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Magical Unicorn Bookmarks To Make and To Buy

Unicorns are hard to resist. They’re sparkly and magical, bright and whimsical. There’s no shortage of awesome bookish gifts for unicorn fanatics, but there’s an even larger collection of spectacular unicorn bookmarks floating around the internet.

Find below unicorn bookmarks you can buy, along with printable unicorn bookmarks. Some are the kind you might want to color yourself (or with little ones in your life—or, well, big ones), while others are DIY unicorn bookmarks you can make between reading breaks.

Get ready to feel the magic.

The ultimate guide to unicorn bookmarks: buy them, make them, and print them. DIY | DIY bookmarks | unicorns | unicorn bookmarks | tutorials


Unicorn Bookmarks


unicorn bookmark


Choose from a variety of colors for this handmade unicorn bookmark. $3.


Unicorn Bookmark


Get your unicorns with a side of diamonds and rainbows. $1.30 and up.


unicorn bookmarks


Choose from among four different unicorn designs or grab the entire collection of bookmarks. $3.75 and up.


pink metal unicorn bookmark


This pink metal bookmark is so pretty. $20.


magnetic unicorn bookmark


Need a good magnetic bookmark? Here’s a winner. $5.


unicorn bookmark


This perler bead bookmark is not only magical, but it’s bright. Ships from the Dominican Republic. $10.


unicorn bookmark


This bookmark is pretty in pastel. $3.25.


Unicorn bookmark


What a cool unicorn head. $29.


unicorn bookmark


Prefer a unicorn tail to a head? Gotcha. $25.


unicorn bookmark


Hold your place with this magical white unicorn metal bookmark. $10.


unicorn bookmarks


Read on, gorgeous unicorn. $1.30 and up.


unicorn bookmark


Grab a gold plated unicorn. $35.


unicorn bookmark


Choose your color tassel on this wooden bookmark. $8.15.


I wanna be a unicorn bookmark


Channel your desire to be a unicorn in this magnetic bookmark. $3.50.


hand painted unicorn bookmark


Hand painted unicorn under a moon. $2.25.


unicorn bookmarks


How cute is this set of bookmarks? Get all four for $4.20.


unicorn bookmarks


For when you want your magnetic unicorn bookmarks to also be festive for Halloween. $9.30 for the set, which ships from the Philippines.


unicorn bookmarks


Here’s an alternative set of spooky magnetic unicorns. Grab these for $9.30, again shipping from the Philippines. Snag this set and the set above for $16.50.


unicorn bookmark


Get your sparkly unicorn personalized for $5 and up.


unicorn bookmark


A swirly metal bookmark. $4.30.


unicorn bookmark


A cute origami corner bookmark. You can get it with or without hair. $3 and up.


unicorn bookmark


A charmed unicorn. $7.


magnetic unicorn bookmark


This unicorn has a mischievous grin. This magnetic gem is $5.


unicorn bookmark


Because rainbows and unicorns go together like peanut butter and jelly. $5.


unicorn bookmark


Blue and gold unicorns with a tassel? Yes, please! $5.


unicorn bookmark


Who doesn’t need a chubby unicorn? This magnetic bookmark is $4.50.



Printable Unicorn Bookmarks

unicorn bookmarks


Set of four printable magical bookmarks with unicorns. $5.


unicorn bookmarks to color


Color your own bookmarks with this set of printables. $1.25.


unicorm bookmarks


Print yourself a set of rainbow unicorns. $3.05.


unicorn bookmark


Set of four “you are magical” bookmarks. $8


unicorn bookmark with quote


The front of this printable bookmark features a unicorn and the back featured a quote about books. $2.


fairy tale bookmarks


Though there is only one unicorn in this collection, these fairy tale bookmarks are so dreamy. Printable set is $5.


printable unicorn bookmarks


Set of 10 glittery printable unicorn bookmarks. $4.25.


unicorn bookmarks


Color these printable unicorns with great book quotes. $4.50.


unicorn bookmarks to print


Whimsical printable unicorns. $5 for all four.


unicorn bookmarks to print


Glittery watercolor unicorns. Get the set for $2.50.


unicorn bookmarks


These are some free printable unicorns.


unicorn bookmarks


Want some more free printable unicorn bookmarks? Check ’em out!


unicorn bookmark


Free “spread the magic” unicorns.



DIY Unicorn Bookmarks


DIY unicorn bookmark crochet pattern


Snag a downloadable pattern to make your own crochet unicorn bookmark. $3.80.



Make some origami corner unicorn bookmarks.



Origami bookmark making.


DIY unicorn bookmark


This DIY bookmark includes a free printable shape.



Here’s a totally different kind of DIY unicorn bookmark.


DIY Unicorn bookmarks


Make yourself a sparkly unicorn bookmark with this tutorial.





corner unicorn bookmark


Make these unicorn cuties.


origami bookmark


Corner origami bookmark tutorial.

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