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By day, C.P. Hoffman writes about digital accessibility and the law; by night, they write about comics, pop culture, books, and gender for Book Riot and other sites. They have lived across North America (Indianapolis > Chicago > New York > Montreal > Indianapolis again), but now reside just outside of Washington, DC. C.P. has a particular affinity for Spider-Women, but also loves Wonder Woman, comics about witches, and stories about time travel. For inexplicable reasons, they also tweet a lot about the Fantastic Four. Twitter: @CPHwriter

Squirrels and I have a long history. My old apartment in law school was frequently visited by squirrels, including a three-legged, no-tailed fellow I referred to as Ahab, who once waited patiently for me to walk to the grocery store, and then followed me home so I could give him some nuts (this is a 100% true story). Then there was Squirrelly—named for Meatwad’s dead squirrel from Aqua Teen Hunger Force—who would climb up the patio screen and shake it until we came out to feed him; one day, we were not quick enough and he decided to pee through the screen onto the door to teach us a lesson (also 100% true). In NYC, there was Squirrel Tarbox, who actually came into the apartment a handful of times, always sneaking off just before the cats noticed him (still 100% true).

I should probably stop feeding squirrels.

It should come as no surprise, then, I that I am deeply in love with Ryan M. North, Erica Henderson, and Rico Renzi’s The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

I’ve been reading the book in single issues, so one of my unexpected recent joys was discovering that the Squirrel Girl trades have all been titled with squirrel puns: Squirrel Power, Squirrel You Know It’s True, and the forthcoming Squirrel, You Really Got Me Now.

Here’s the thing: I now cannot stop coming up with more squirrel puns. So, for your reading pleasure, here are some suggested titles for upcoming Squirrel Girl arcs/trades. And, since this is Pawnels, there’s gonna be gifs. (Note: three of these aren’t actually gifs, but they were too awesome not to use.)


Are You Gonna Be My Squirrel?

Are You Gonna Be My Squirrel?

Big Squirrels Don’t Cry

Big Squirrels Don't Cry

Earth Squirrels are Easy

Earth Squirrels Are Easy

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful: Cover Squirrel

Cover Squirrel

Even Cowsquirrels Get the Blues

Even Cowsquirrels Get the Blues

Fat Bottomed Squirrels You Make the Rocking World Go Round

Fat Bottomed Squirrels

Gone Squirrel

Gone Squirrel

I Kissed a Squirrel (And I Liked It)

I Kissed a Squirrel (And I Liked It)

I Once Had a Squirrel, Or Should I Say, She Once Had Me

I Once Had a Squirrel

I Want a Squirrel in a Short Skirt and a Long Jacket

squirrel with the short skirt and the long jacket

I Wish that I Had Jesse’s Squirrel

Jesse's Squirrel


I Wish They All Could Be California Squirrels

I Wish They All Could Be California Squirrels

I’ve Been Waiting for a Squirrel like You

Waiting for a Squirrel Like You

Material Squirrel

Material Squirrel

My Best Friend’s Squirrel

My Best Friend's Squirrel

Never Met a Squirrel Like You Before

Never Met a Squirrel Like You Before

Oh I’m Just a Squirrel

Oh I'm Just a Squirrel

She’s a Very Kinky Squirrel, The Kind You Don’t Take Home to Mother

She's a Very Kinky Squirrel

The Squirrel with the Dragon Tattoo

Squirrel with the Dragon Tattoo

The Squirrel from Ipanema

The Squirrel from Ipanema

Squirrel, Interrupted

Squirrel, Interrupted


Squirrel, You’ll Be a Woman Soon

Squirrel, You'll Be a Woman Soon

Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun

Squirrel's Just Wanna Have Fun

Squirrels on Film

Squirrels on Film

Uptown Squirrel

Uptown Squirrel

What a Squirrel Wants

What a Squirrel Wants

You’re Gonna Lose that Squirrel

You're Gonna Lose that Squirrel


And, a few bonus titles without gifs:


Brown-Eyed Squirrel

California Squirrels Are Unforgettable, Daisy Dukes, Bikinis on Top

Fake Geek Squirrel

I’m Forever Your Squirrel

A Squirrel of the Limberlost

Squirrel on Fire

The Squirrel with a Pearl Earring

Squirrels and Boys

Volcano Squirrels

West End Squirrels


And, finally, a bonus Chipmunk gif:

I am Iron Chipmunk