Round Up of the Best UK Book Covers of 2017

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Rabeea Saleem

Staff Writer

Rabeea is a Karachi-based writer. Her two vices are cricket and literature. Book critic for various international publications including Chicago Review of Books, Irish Times and The National. She can be reached at

Rabeea Saleem

Staff Writer

Rabeea is a Karachi-based writer. Her two vices are cricket and literature. Book critic for various international publications including Chicago Review of Books, Irish Times and The National. She can be reached at

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You can judge these books by their cover because they truly are beautiful inside out!

The Zoo by Christopher Wilson

I cannot get over how fun and eye-popping this book design is, right down to its endpapers. This inventive satire about the Stalin-led Soviet Union offers a fresh take on the last days of the dictator. Narrated by 12-year-old Yuri, this darkly comic novel is an adventure-filled romp through history.

Ghachar Ghochar by Vivek Shanbhag

This modern classic is an amusing and shrewdly observant look at the anxiety of the bourgeoisie  in contemporary India. A striking cover and on-brand end-papers featuring ants makes this little hardcover all the more interesting.

The Invisible Life of Euridice Gusmao by Martha Batalha

This effervescent and insightful story is about the experiences of women in 1940s Rio de Janeiro. Not only was this one of my favourite books of the year, but its bold and vibrant cover perfectly epitomizes the spirit of this novel.




The Red-Haired Woman by Orhan Pamuk

The latest book from the Nobel Prize winner and best-selling author is a fable about father-son relationships while at the same time a timely political parable. This slim novel has a swoon-worthy gold finish on its radiant cover.

The Good People by Hannah Kent

Set in 19th century rural Ireland, this richly textured and compelling novel is about superstition, love, and grief. The exquisite hardcover features leaf skeleton with a printed foil on top.

Photo Courtesy of Pan Macmillan UK

The End We Start From by Megan Hunter

This unnerving and lyrical dystopian tale about migration and motherhood was definitely one of the best books I have read this year. It didn’t hurt that the stunning little hardback features a dazzling yet elegant cover.

Photo Courtesy of Pushkin Press

The Disappearances by Emily Bain Murphy

This dazzling debut combines magical realism, historical fiction, mystery, and a lovely romance into a captivating novel. This intricate cover is ravishing and was hand-embroidered by the cover designer’s own mum!

Photo courtesy of Portobello Books

Such Small Hands by Andres Barba

This cover is equally eerie and gorgeous! This is a sinister book which gives an unnerving peek into the sinister, disconcerting world of little girls. And yes, it does feature a creepy doll.



A State of Freedom by Neel Muherjee

A kaleidoscopic (hence the apt cover) novel about issues that continue to plague India even now—brutal social divisions, poverty and class discrimination.



Lovers & Strangers by Clair Wills

This perfect book for the Brexit era tells the immigrant history of post-war Britain. Exhaustively researched, it traces the roots of Britain’s problematic relationship with immigrants.



Demi-Gods by Eliza Robertson

This scorching debut with a bold retro cover is set in 1950s Canada. This brutally charged story explores lust, friendship, and adolescence in an original way.

Heather,the Totality by Matthew Weiner

This scathing and mordantly funny look at privilege, power, and class clashes has a brilliant foiled and screen printed acetate cover. Layered, just like this sinister story!

Photo courtesy of Pushkin Press

Ms Ice Sandwich (Japanese Novellas) by Mieko Kawakami

The latest work from the prizewinning Japanese author, this funny and sentimental story is about a young boy who is infatuated with a sandwich seller. Do check out Pushkin Press Japanese novellas book bundles which features quirky, enchanting stories with covers to die for.

Strange Heart Beating by Eli Goldstone

This modern reworking of Leda and the Swan is a funny and intimate look at loss and love. Who can resist that strange and lovely cover?




See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt

This cover aptly conveys the repulsion and creepy dread you will feel after reading this book which re-imagines the notorious Lizzie Borden murders.




The Silent Companions by Laura Purcell

This riveting Victorian gothic is scary inside out. This gorgeous gold lined hardback gives little hints about the plot in its cover and displays a creepy af Victorian painting (which features prominently in the book) on its endpapers. This really is a spookefest!


The Reminders by Val Emmich

This cover is definitely on-brand since this moving and heartfelt book is essentially about the curse of remembering everything and of nostalgia.




The Robin: A Biography by Stephen Moss

The robin is deeply embedded into British culture and this beautiful illustrated book from a British naturalist packs everything we know about this bird into an informative and engaging book.