U.K. Publishers Predict Rise in Book Prices



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Publishers in the U.K. say that books prices will likely rise. The increase is due to a rise in paper and energy costs, as well as the influences of Brexit.

Founder of Jacaranda Books Arts Music, Valerie Branded, said that the cost of all formats of books were likely to rise 10-20%. This rise in price is likely to hit independent publishers harder, as they tend to have smaller print runs and aren’t able to benefit from discounts that come from ordering bigger print runs like larger publishing companies.

The potential rise in book prices comes at a time when disposable income has lessened. After the onset of the pandemic and other events that have influenced global economies, people have become less likely to engage in certain leisure activities.

Despite the seeming inevitability of the price increase, some have offered ways to get ahead. Simon & Schuster’s production director in the U.K., Julia Marshall, stated the importance of publishers being flexible on materials used and reducing pricey cover embellishments — like foil and colored edges — as ways to offset price increases.

The importance of getting ahead of book price increases is even greater when thinking of maintaining access to books by communities that typically have less access than others and have been disproportionately affected by increases in the cost of living, which tend to be communities of color.

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