Typical Groomsmen Gifts, Gone Bookish

This particular Book Rioter is really excited to be tying the knot at the end of the month. I’m definitely having a literary wedding (I went with the library check-out save the date), and my bookworm groomsmen are going to be decked out in the most bookish of swag.

After months spent researching gifts, from presents that are just-because to items that are more of the “I bought this and you better wear it because IT IS MY WEDDING” variety, I found it wasn’t all that difficult to put a bookish twist on the standard groomsmen gifts.

Cufflinks, flasks, dress socks, journals… all of these usual groomsmen gifts can be given a literary spin, if you spend a bit of time on Google and Etsy.

So here you go, readers. For when you’re getting ready to plan.

BOOKISH CUFFLINKS: With the exception of the flask, I feel like cufflinks are the go-to gifts for groomsmen everywhere. And Etsy is in no short supply of cufflinks of the bookish persuasion.

There are a few ways you can approach these. You can pick a favorite book, quote, punctuation mark, or even publisher.

jane austen cufflinks

Pride & Prejudice Cufflinks ($25, via Jezebel Charms)

great gatsby cufflinks

Great Gatsby Cufflinks ($22, via Maltse Magpie)

quotes cufflinks

Quotation Mark Cufflinks ($13, via Petite Vanilla)

penguin cufflinks

Penguin Books Cufflinks ($20, via Blackbird Design)

BOOKISH DRESS SOCKS: Literary dress socks paired with a suit? Yes please. More the colorful the better, makes for fun pictures later, guys.

book riot socks

Library Card & Banned Book Socks ($10, via the Book Riot Store!)

agents of shield socks

Comic Book Socks (Prices vary, via Superhero Stuff)

CUSTOM JOURNALS: Are any of your groomsmen writers? Illustrators? Casual doodlers? Frequent daydreamers?

A custom journal makes for a great groomsman gift, especially with a charming literary quote on the cover.


Not All Who Wander Are Lost Journal ($28, via In Blue)

FLASKS IN BOOKS: Yes, yes, the ultimate in cliche groomsmen gifts. I know.

But hey, there are some fun literary spins on these available that’ll make them a little more special, and a little less “I ran and picked this up at The Sharper Image two days before the ceremony.”

Like putting them inside actual books.

book flash

Custom Flask in a Book ($40, via Creative by Blair)

book glass flask

Engraved Glass Flask in a Book ($64, via Book Rooks)

hollow book co book flasks

Star Wars Hollow Book Safe + Flask ($60, via Hollow Book Co.)


Do what the t-shirts say.

book riot tshirts