Twitter for Poetry Lovers: 12 Accounts You Should Follow

Kate Scott

Staff Writer

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In this fast-paced electronic age, poetry is severely undervalued and under read. Luckily, some poetry fans have taken their passion to the interwebs and regularly tweet excerpts from their favorite poems. This list includes only active accounts (i.e. accounts that have tweeted within the last three months). There are a number of abandoned accounts worth perusing (@RobertFrostbyte, @Wm_Blake, and @WordsworthWords come to mind), but then you could also just pay a visit to your local library.



The Poetry Foundation publishes Poetry Magazine and is one of the greatest forces keeping a love and recognition of poetry alive in American culture. They tweet a lot of great poems and other cool stuff like this:

— Poetry Foundation (@PoetryFound) April 7, 2014


Along with the daily poem, Poetry Daily also posts related news and links.


Poetry Verve posts a wide range of modern and classic poets. A quick perusal of this page begs the question: why do poets always have the coolest names? Cases in point: Louise Glück and Farnoosh Fathi.


Like book porn, but for poetry.



Interestingly enough, this account is maintained by actor/producer @DavidAugust. A link to one of Shakespeare’s sonnets is tweeted every day.


This account posts quotes from more than just her poetry. The quote below is from The Bell Jar.






If you need your daily Walt Whitman fix, TweetsOfGrass posts Leaves of Grass in bite-sized bits over and over again. There’s also a great parody account called @TheWaltWhitman.


Not a lot of ancient poetry makes it to Twitter, but the Psalms did. Technically this isn’t a single-author account, but it’s not exactly eclectic either, so I’m including it here.