If You Can Get 70% on This TWILIGHT Book Quiz, You’re a Twihard

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With the Twilight Renaissance upon us, you might be dusting off your old copies of the saga or just joining the legion that is Twihards. (Or maybe you’re regretting dropping your entire series, including The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide, at Goodwill that one time.) It’s all over your TikTok For You Page, Netflix is advertising the movie adaptations as if it’s the latest and greatest to hit screens, and you’re just waiting to see some new merch pop up at Hot Topic. There are memes, serious literary discussions around symbolism and cultural nods in the novel and its sequels, and hordes of us salivating over the idea of more Twilight books. But before you crack open the original again, let’s test your knowledge of the Twilight book. You know the one, pale hands holding a bright red apple on the cover?

This quiz is meant to test you. It’s hard. Like, harder than Edward’s granite, sparkly skin. So if you don’t break 50%, don’t feel too bad. In fact, if you can hit 70%, I’ll be massively impressed. Grab your Team Edward T-shirt, your Forks, WA mug, and the memories of Twilight that you’ve squirreled away in the corners of your mind and let’s go! 

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