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Tree Bookshelves That Will Turn Your TBR Into a Forest

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Can you ever really have enough bookshelves? It seems like the second I upgrade to a bigger shelf, I fill all the additional space and need a new storage solution. Tree bookshelves aren’t the most efficient, but they are beautiful. You can find these trendy shelves on Etsy or Amazon, or build one yourself. Branch-shaped units create the perfect place to rest your stacks. Plus, they make you feel like you’re reading underneath a big tree—from the comfort of your living room.

Here are our favorite options available online. Some are super minimalist, while others take a “the more the merrier” approach.

large tree bookshelf

1. Handmade Tree Bookshelf

This large tree bookshelf goes up the entire wall, giving you countless options for stacking and plenty of room to play.

diy tree bookshelf

2. DIY Tree Bookshelf Plans

Handy types can DIY this spindly shelf with the help of a digital download for building plans. BYO tools!

kids bookshelf with tree decal

3. Kid’s Bookshelf and Wall Decal

Turn a plain wooden bookshelf into a tree bookshelf with a playful decal perfect for a kid’s bedroom or playroom. This set includes a corner wedge bookshelf and an easy peel-and-stick decal with sweet animals and lush leaves.

single branch shelf

4. Single Branch Shelf

Minimalists (I know, I don’t get it either) can go for this chic singular branch.

Large, sideways-leaning wooden tree bookshelf

5. Large Wooden Tree Shelf

This sideways shelf is inspired by an oak tree. The size is ideal for bookworms who have a large collection. Maybe you can’t fit all your books on this one shelf, but there’s plenty of room.

white tree bookshelf

6. White Tree Bookshelf

Most tree bookshelves favor natural colors for obvious reasons, but this stark white geometric shelf is great for a modern decor.

elm tree bookshelf

7. Elm Tree Bookshelf

Grow an elm right in your living room with this gorgeous handmade shelving unit. The seller creates each piece to order, so the wait time is long, but totally worth it.

driftwood bookshelf

8. Driftwood Bookshelf

This shelf takes on the look of a piece of driftwood, complete with artfully dried-out appearance. Plus, it’s like a double shelf packed into one. You can fit twice as may books!

desktop tree shelf

9. Desktop Tree Shelf

For smaller books and tchotchkes there’s this tabletop shelf that can work on a desk or nightstand.

curvy tree bookshelf

10. Imagination Tree Bookshelf 

Many tree bookshelves have harder geometric lines. This one features curving branches for a playful storybook vibe. It suits any room, from kids to adults with magical sensibilities.

diy parametric bookshelf

11. DIY Parametric Bookshelf

Download the plans for this ultra-modern bookshelf. More shelves and a shorter stump leave plenty of space for what really matters—books.

driftwood bookshelf snake

12. Driftwood Bookshelf Snake

Another take on the driftwood shelf, which has less of an angle than the previous option.

shelving tree wall sticker

13. Shelving Tree Wall Sticker

These floating shelves combine with a whimsical wall sticker to create a pseudo tree bookshelf. This is a great pick for a children’s room if you think they might outgrow the decal in a few years, since it’s more affordable than many of the custom-built picks on this list.

handmade tree bookshelf

14. Large Handmade Tree Bookshelf

Fill an entire wall with books using this massive, classic tree bookshelf.


15. MILLEFEUILLE bookshelf

This gorgeous piece combines straight shelves with an overlay of organically shaped branches. Form meets functionality.

hanging driftwood shelf

16. Driftwood Bookshelf with Sicilian Majolica

A rare wooden trunk from Sicily features hanging swing-style bookshelves that can easily be removed. This is a super unique piece designed to be displayed.

tree bookshelf

17. Tree Bookshelf

This mint green bookshelf features scattered straight across shelves on a tree-shaped background.

enchanted tree bookshelf

18. Enchanted Tree Bookshelf

Get major fairytale vibes with this stained wood piece. The curvy branches meet to create closed-off shelves that let you really maximize the space.

Transform your home into a magical book forest with these tree bookshelves.