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Top 5 Actors for Captain Marvel Who Aren’t Katee Sackoff

Alex Baker

Staff Writer

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This is not a drill, folks! On July 6, 2018, Marvel Studios will be giving us their first female-led superhero adventure: Captain Marvel. You can image we Panelteers are pretty darn excited about Carol Danvers making it to the big screen.


In the wonderful world of Internet Fan Casting Katee Sackoff is the front-runner for Carol Danvers. And it’s really fantastic choice. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a stellar actress who has the whole bad-ass, punch-before-you-think pilot thing down. I love Sackoff something fierce, but she’s the obvious option. So humor me for a bit and consider the following ladies as your Carol Danvers:

1. Yvonne Strahovski

Back when I was reading Brian Michael Bendis’ epic run on New Avengers and Carol Danvers was still Ms. Marvel in her thigh-high boots and swimsuit costume, I pictured Yvonne Strahovski as Carol. She’s probably still my top choice for the role. Known for her role as super-spy Sarah on Chuck as well as her work on Dexter, I’ve always Strahovski had a great presence. Strahovski can do hot-headed and flawed (and quite well I might add). But she also has this great confidence. She stands taller and pushes herself harder. It’s not quite swagger, but you know from one look that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

2. Samira Wiley
Samira Wiley plays inmate Poussey Washington on Orange is the New Black. Her character is a military brat with a chip on her shoulder and a whole lot she thinks she has to prove. Like a majority of the actors on the show, she excels at the rough and tough exterior with a world of complexity and vulnerability below the surface. But of all those women, Samira Wiley is the one who would punch a hole in the sky. She is also, as they say in Newsies, lousy with swagger.

3. Jennifer Lawrence


Before you even say it, if Chris Evans can jump Marvel-based franchises, then so can Jennifer Lawrence. If Benedict Cumberbatch can be in all of the franchises, then so can Jennifer Lawrence. She is a bit young for Captain Marvel, but four years from now when this movie comes out, I think she’ll have blossomed from Kit to Carol beautifully. Lawrence is smart, driven, and exactly what I think of when I hear “Higher. Further. Faster. More”.

Also I think she’d go around introducing herself as Princess Sparklefists if she got the role.

4. Gina Carano

Back before we knew we were getting a Wonder Woman movie, Gina Carano’s name would pop up once and again in fan casting. I like Carano as Wonder Woman, but she’s a bit more gruff and grounded than Diana. But what might not work for Wonder Woman, makes her shine as Captain Marvel. I think Carano’s personal experience as a woman mixed martial artist will only help her performance as a woman military pilot. Also the image of her punching giant robot dinosaurs (as Captain Marvel does) makes me ridiculously happy.

5. Nicole Beharie

My favorite “leftenant” as my favorite captain. What I love most about Nicole Beharie as Abbie Mills on Sleepy Hollow is how well she plays “dealing with really messed up crap”. Headless Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Demons, 200-year old spies, Abbie takes it all in stride with an almost Hellboy-esque “oh this again”. Beharie has perfected that keeping your chin up will you bowl through the whatever the universe tosses your way, making her a great candidate for Captain Marvel.

What about you guys? Who are your top picks for our Captain Marvel?