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To the Book That Ended My Reading Slump

Katherine Marciniak

Staff Writer

Katherine is an over-caffeinated avid reader, writer and college student. She was featured in the anthology Once Upon an Apocalypse, and loves to beta read and edit when she has the opportunity. She’ll do more impressive things after she’s finished her tea…and this next chapter.

Dear Book That Reminded Me That I Love Reading,

Thank you.

Reading slumps are literally the worst. Whether it’s because you get too busy to read, or because you keep flipping through books that just aren’t that great, it sucks to not be reading. For me it was more the first one. And trust me, I do my best to read whenever and wherever I can. But sometimes, life is unavoidable.

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But then you came along.

You were long enough to sink my teeth into. You were snappy and you were dramatic. I was in love.

I love short stories as much as the next person, but they caused part of my reading slump. Because I was also researching short stories, the process burned me out. I needed to read something with the same characters after fifty pages, with one long extending plot arc.

And you had that.

Granted, the book that took me out of my reading slump was not the best I’ve ever read. I forget what I gave it on GoodReads, but basically, I’ve read better books. By the end, the characters bored me and the plot moved too slow. I wished that there was more focus on the A plot over the B plot.

But I read this book in two days. I hung onto every word. I lost track of time. The time I sometimes use to stare at my phone I spent reading. And when I finished, I felt satisfied.

I remembered that I loved reading.

Thank you.