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Love Lara Jean, Peter, Josh, John Ambrose, Kitty, Margot, and the rest of the incredible cast of characters in Jenny Han’s mega-bestselling To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before series? You can take that love and passion even further. Starting now, you can purchase a wide array of makeup kits that honor the book and its subsequent Netflix adaptation from Sephora. Check these out!

Bonus: most of these kits are well below the retail value of buying the products individually. Sweet!


Make your lips super soft with this Laneige lip kit of sleep masks in candy and mint chocolate flavor. $24.



Slinky smooth hair something you’re wanting? You can grab a mini straightening brush set. $35.


The names of these lip and cheek Milk kit are great: Glimmer and Halo, a mauve and bright pink shimmer respectively. $26.



True story: I use the glow watermelon night mask every night and love how it makes my skin feel and smell (so, so delicious!). Grab a Glow Recipe kit, including the night mask and hydrating mist for $39.



Try out some Kaja products, including lip gloss, a blendable blush, and sparkly eye shadow. $35.


I am obsessed with the hat box packaging for this hair kit. All of the hair accessories are, of course, inspired by Lara Jean in the film. $25.



Who doesn’t need a sparkly scrunchie and a fuzzy one? $12.



Or if you prefer your sparkly and fuzzy scrunchies in pink, you’re covered here. $12.

Once you finish your Sephora shopping spree, take this handy To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before quiz that’ll help you find your ideal partner from the series.