The Best Cookies for Your TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE Screening Party

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The Netflix adaptation of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before releases this weekend, and I’ve definitely cleared my schedule to watch it. You can’t have a viewing party without snacks, so while I was brainstorming what my friends and I should eat, I realized I was missing the obvious:


TO ALL THE BOYS I'VE LOVED BEFORE book and heart-shaped sugar cookies

The Lara Jean books are pretty realistic contemporary YA, but the most fantastical, wish-fulfillment part of the books, for me at least, is how much time she spends baking cookies. She bakes on school nights after homework is done, she gets up early and bakes before school. Half her Christmas break is spent baking for her annual Christmas Cookie Bonanza, and yet she does not seem to spend the other half washing dishes. A FANTASY, I tell you. (The best I can figure is that the Coveys have a giant dishwasher that can fit their extremely sturdy, dishwasher-safe sheet pans. This, too, is a fantasy.)

So, I’ve rounded up some of the most Lara Jean–friendly cookies I can find. There are a few recipes included in the back of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, so make sure you check those out, but I wanted to find some more to add. I hope they help you have the most Song Girl–approved viewing party there is!

This blogger developed perfect chocolate chip cookies and presented them to Jenny Han!

Here are Peter’s favorite fruit cake cookies.

The Song Girls were going to make orange creamsicle cookies for Christmas, but I think these are perfect for a summer night.

A Lara Jean classic: Snickerdoodles. This is Jenny Han’s own recipe.

And while we’re on the The Book Cookie’s blog, check out these great book cover cookies she created!

I always thought Lara Jean liked the idea of cappuccino cookies because they sound so fancy.

Lara Jean makes chai tea cookies with eggnog icing when she’s feeling stressed out in P.S. I Still Love You, and honestly I should do the same.

I imagine Peter’s favorite lemon cookies taste like some my aunt used to make when I was little. These are the closest I could find to those.

And you’re probably going to need a good sugar cookie recipe so you can decorate some fancy cookies with hot pink bows and flowers like what decorates Lara Jean’s Hanbok. Or maybe some romantic hearts, because that’s just the kind of girl Lara Jean is. I just used this gluten-free recipe to decorate some bookish cookies, and they were super tasty for my gluten-free friends.

Check out the trailer and get ready to bake!

While you’re waiting, find out which Covey-Song sister you are!

Header photo from Meg Iwanoski/TheBookCookie. Used with permission.