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Up Your Reading Game With The Thumb Book Holder

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When you’re a serious reader, you need serious tools. There are special book weights, book pillows, book stands, and so many more bookish aids. But I’m here today to sing the praises of the thumb book holder. It’s a little piece of plastic or wood that sets at the base of a spread in a book with a ring hole for your thumb. You can read giant tomes one-handed with one of these gems!

Feast your eyes on all these beauties you can buy on Etsy—some handmade, some 3-D printed—in various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials.

Handy Thumb Book Holders on Etsy

Plastic Thumb Book Holder

You can’t go wrong with the classic plastic thumb book holder, in a variety of colors. $4.

Turquoise Glittery Page Saver

Get your sparkle on with this turquoise glitter page saver, handmade from resin. $9

Personalized Wooden Thumb Book Holders

Enjoy one of these gorgeous personalized wooden thumb book holders, in a variety of wood types. $6+.

Cat Thumb Book Ring

Show your feline love with this adorable cat thumb book ring, complete with cat ears and whiskers. $3.

Personalized Thumb Book Holder

Get fancy with a personalized thumb book holder, in oak or poplar, adding your favorite bookish quote or your name. $11+.

3-D Printed Frog Thumb Book Holder

Leap into your favorite book with this 3-D printed frog thumb book holder. $4.

Metal Thumb Page Holder

Get utilitarian with this metal thumb page holder, in black, silver, or grey. You can also get it engraved. $16+.

Wooden Thumb Book Holder with Dog

Just! look! at this adorable, handmade wooden thumb book holder with a puppy walking on it. The perfect reading buddy. $32.

Wooden Thumb Page Holder and Companion Bookmark

Do double duty with this wooden thumb page holder and companion bookmark. $10+.

Ergonomic Thumb Book Ring

Coined the most ergonomically sound thumb book ring on Etsy, this one also offers variations for left-handed or right-handed reading. Comes in a variety of colors. $5.

DIY Thumb Page Holders

But wait, there’s more! The wonderful people at Instructables have a bunch of different guides for DIY thumb book holders, from beginner to advanced.

DIY Thumb Book Ring with Sugru and Popsicle Stick

Beginner’s DIY thumb book ring. Tools required: Sugru and a popsicle stick. Follow the guide on Instructables!

DIY Thumb Book Holder with PVC Elbow, Ear Phones

Intermediate DIY thumb book holder. Tools required: PVC elbow, metal paper clip, ear phone back case (speaker removed), glue, cutting tool. Follow the guide on Instructables.

DIY Wooden Thumb Book Holder

Advanced DIY page saver. Tools required: Wood (10x3x2cm or larger), drill, saw, grinder, sandpaper, lacquer. Follow the guide on Instructables.

If the thumb book holder isn’t your cup of tea, be sure to check out these other reading aids we’ve found and loved: the best book holders, portable book stands, hands-free reading tools, and reading aids for spoonies.