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Show Off A Thor’s Hammer Necklace With These Stunning Designs

Want to channel your inner Norse god by wearing a super awesome Thor’s hammer necklace? Need something to really help you feel like you can smack down your enemies in one mighty blow? Check out these options for sporting Mjolnir, and picture smiting your enemies while looking hella fine.

Bearded Berserker Mjolnir Thor’s Hammer ($24.99)

Bearded Thor's Hammer Necklace

Viking Merch has a lot of hammer necklace options, but I have to admit to being kind of fond of this version. The beard gets me.

Silver Skane Thor’s Hammer Circle ($29.90)

Celtic Knot Thor's Hammer Necklace

This shop is called Dragon Soul, which speaks to me on a spiritual level. But if you want a fancier Mjolnir that still has a hint of death, I think this is a good option for you.

Grimfrost’s Goat Hammer, Stainless Steel ($19.90)

Goat's head Thor's Hammer Necklace

I hear you. You want to invoke Thor, Hammers, and goats. Well, friend—this is for you. You’re welcome.

Ornate Thor’s Hammer Necklace ($61 and up)

Thor's Hammer with Runes

Runes, you say? Check out this Mjolnir necklace from Badali Jewelry. If you are feeling really fancy, you can get it white gold and spend over a grand. You do you, friends!

Hand Forged Steel Mjolnir (39.95)

Simple Hand Forged Hammer

For simple smiting work, here’s a hand-forged hammer that can also probably double as a small weapon in need.

Handmade Odin’s Ravens Mjolnir Necklace ($44.95)

Thor's Hammer Necklace

I think this is one of my personal favorites of the hammer necklace crew, because of the oceanic feel. It does not come with the rock, I’m sorry to say.

Thor’s Hammer 2.0 Necklace (€245.00)

Thor's Simple Hammer necklace

I like to think of this as a meta-hammer necklace.

Mjolnir—Thor’s Hammer Necklace/Keychain ($9.99)

Marvel Thor's Hammer Necklace

You can also use these hammer necklaces for all your tiny nail needs.

After you are finished purchasing your new amazing Mjolnir necklace(s), learn more about Thor!