This is Just to Say, I Have Rounded Up the Plums Tweets

I do not know why the internet loves “This Is Just to Say,” the poem by William Carlos Williams, so much. It’s short and easily re-mixed, sure. It’s lighthearted and well-known, I guess. But lots of things are! This doesn’t explain why, for a few weeks, all Twitter did was share plums tweets.

Vox and NYMagazine have done their best to explain why we were talking about plums, but it is still a sort of beautiful internet mystery.



So instead of analyzing the plums tweets, I’m just going to celebrate them. Happy Plummas, everyone.

Beowulf plums


Spiderman plums

Internet plums

Carley Rae Jeplums

Mad Plums

Fresh Plums


Mambo No. Plums

Meta Plums

Sorry Ms. Plumson

Statistical Plums

Little Drummer Plums

Hymnal Plums

Biblical Plums

Happy Plummas

Paula Cole Plums

American Plums