This Harry Potter-Themed Engagement Party Is Gorgeous: Critical Linking, December 17

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Two Christmases ago, they had a chance meeting because they shared a table at a crowded restaurant during a Harry Potter quiz night in Delhi.
Long story short, they chatted and exchanged numbers, and two years later, this is the happy couple at their *surprise surprise* Harry Potter-themed engagement party.

My heart just grew three sizes.

Scholastic Books sends monthly fliers to schools, and each of these document advertises one book for $1. These creative Northwood Elementary teachers did the math, realizing that a $9 donation would allow them to purchase one book per month for each student in their classes to have a book to take home.

A few days after posting this information on Facebook, they had raised enough money to purchase a book for 114 students — the entire fourth grade. The project grew, and now each Northwood fourth grader will receive one book each month for the entire school year, which led to the name of the initiative – That’s What Friends Are For: Northwood Networks Nine Novels. Sheridan kept her Facebook supporters updated as the books began to come in.

These teachers for all the win.

Kavan’s stranger-than-fiction life, meanwhile, has become mythologized, murky, the truth overlaid by details from short stories and novels that were taken for straight autobiography. An enduring piece of Kavan apocrypha, for example, is that she intentionally shrouded herself in mystery. “What a thrilling enigma for posterity I should be,” muses one of her fictional alter egos. Whether deliberately or otherwise, Kavan did little to assist future biographers. Elusive and capricious, with the restless, questing nature of the malcontent, she drifted from country to country and man to man, formed friendships and dropped them, concealed her real age, and destroyed diaries and letters. “She cast doubts, she lied, she fabricated, she spoke the truth, she was most honest,” wrote the drama critic Raymond Marriott, a friend and coexecutor of her estate. “But where did it begin and where did it end?”

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